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A member registered Jun 10, 2016

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1. Hi, I'm Jp. I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan, and I get sad about the death of Paper Mario on various occasions.

2. Yeah I participated in the last jam, was making something for school. Gotta admit I'm not that proud of what I made, not because of the programming but because of the lack of imagination in it. I blame it on my instructor because he wanted it to be an educational game. I know you can still find ways to use imagination on that, but I just didn't feel like putting my creative energy into it. There should be 0 limits to that.

This jam will take place during the summer, when I'll be away from that guy, so this time I'll be trying to make something with much more imagination, and way better gameplay!

3. I love a lot of games, but I gotta say that my favorite game will always be Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. An amazing hybrid of a 3D platformer and an RPG. Nintendo doesn't seem to be inspired by it anymore, so I wanna make a game like it myself! Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish that to some extent this coming summer game jam, and build more on it beyond the jam!

4. Yes, I do have experience with game development. I have a lot of experience with GameMaker (still have a bunch of struggles with it) and a bit of Unity.

5. I'm passionate about making video games and maybe sometime in the future, making YouTube videos! I wanna make games in the future, but at the same time I don't wanna be an artist that's in the background. I don't only want people to be exposed to my art, I want them to be exposed to my personality, too!

So yeah, rock on you guys. Show everyone what you've got this summer. <3