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I'm thinking of purchasing this plugin as I'd like to see something like this in my game but I'm wondering if it would be compatible with Yanfly's Equip Skill Slots among other Yanfly scripts. I have MV. Would you be able to provide a demo with the purchase to showcase how it works? 

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Yeah, mainly the reason why I purchased it lol. I'm not sure what your refund policy is but if I can't receive one then just consider it a donation. :)

Also, I would check to see if that's typed in any of the other packs to prevent misleading potential buyers. :)

I read this in the description so I thought it came with bordered icons: The pack contains 48 different icons featuring skill icons, buffs and status effects. They are also provided with and without borders.

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Thank you for responding! The ones that come with the Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons 6 purchase...there's no bordered ones, just the borderless icons. 

Hi Caz, I purchased this pack and to my surprise it doesn't come with the icons that are bordered. Could you look into this please? Thank you!