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That new sprite is very well done, it reminds me a lot of arcades from the 80s 90s like Rainbow Island.

Hola, gracias por compartir esto pero no puedo usarlo no me deja ver nada, creo que es por la resolución.
Te dejo esta captura de pantalla donde se puede ver exactamente lo que veo en mi monitor.

There must be some problem with the online editor, it does not save the palettes well.

In this gif you can see, although I save the palette with the predefined colors, then it is displayed with a white color for the edges.

Hello, how should I create a one-time key?

That is, the user uses the key, downloads the file and then the key will no longer work.

I don't see that option anywhere

Ok, I understand, thanks for your time!

Si, el juego no va, no arranca en PC, se queda la pantalla en el ajedrezado marrón.

Hey, intenté saludarte por Discord pero no es posible por no compartir ningún servidor!.

Thanks for the information, my problem is with the background images, I don't know what size they must be to fit correctly on the sides.

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Again. When searching for projects with a certain tag, use the lower search box where it says Select a tag... The one at the top where it says Search for games or creators only searches titles and short descriptions. And that search is optimized for exact matches, So if you just search for "Godot" it's not going to find much.

I don't understand why you say that to me, my question was not "how should I do a search for tags?".
So that answer doesn't help my package show up as a result when a user simply searches for "Godot".

The second part may help but this is ... frustrating!
You spend days creating a package and then it doesn't even appear in the search even if you simply put "Godot" and your package has "Godot" in the name! However, other packages do appear. I bet that's what most users do, search that way.

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Well ... excuse me but I don't understand.

What am I supposed to do?
My package has "Godot" in the title.

Why can't you see my package

Hi, some time ago I uploaded a package for Godot Engine but when I search for "godot" my package does not appear but other godot packages do appear.
My package has the "godot" tag added.
What is the problem?

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Hello, today I woke up and when I go to use butler I find an error:

It says the user is wrong but it is correct, what happens?

I am using the latest version 15.18.0

Hello, I was watching your game.

I did not know how to play although I read the instructions.
Does it look like a two-player game on the same keyboard? I don't think it's clear what the game's goal is.

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Hello, I have screenshots uploaded to my game's profile (my game is currently hidden) but they are not seen on the profile page, why?

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Hello, I would like to receive an email notification when someone runs my game.
It's possible? how?.

My game is a 1 vs 1 online game and I need to know when my partner runs the game to run it too.
My game is HTML5.

Ok, this problem happens because when exporting for HTML5 the file names are converted to lowercase.

The problem in my case is that I was using the name of the original file and was not converting it to lower case for the AJAX request.

Hi, I also have this problem when I request a file using AJAX.

My game has files in JSON that contain tilemap data.
When I request a file, I receive this error:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access denied.</Message><Details>Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.getaccess to itchio/html/2021891/escenaPerdedorEscenario.dat.</Details></Error> 1

I did not understand the previous conversation, what should I do?

Hi, the limit for the GIF in this section is 3 megabytes. My GIF occupies more than that. Couldn't I use an external dropbox link for my GIF?

Hello, a few months ago I suggested a new tool to add to the "Engines & tools" section but they haven't added it, what is the reason?

I use Reason 8 to make the music of my games;
and I sent the form with all the data to add that DAW to the "Engines & tools" section.

Yes, it seems solved.

Hi, have you seen my page and the error I described?

I am using Construct 2 but I really do not think it has anything to do with the game engine since the error occurs immediately when the button is pressed, that is, no data has been loaded yet from the game.

Ok, I already sent the message to

Hello? anybody out there?.

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Hello, on the page of my game I am using a gif as a background to give atmosphere to the "Run game" button. The problem is that when you press the button, this background suddenly gets tiled across the screen and it is ugly to see it that way.

How I can avoid this?.

I cannot put the page because it is not yet open to the public.

Hello, I do not receive an answer about my question in the ITIN issue.
I don't know what the reason is, I think the email was received.
Here I put the automatic answer I received.

Your request (36511) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Thanks, I sent the email again but this time from the email account that I have configured in

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Hello, about a week ago (3 october) I sent an email to support.

In the email I asked about information about the ITIN number, it is related to the publication of a graphics package in the store.

I have not received any response.
Do they take a long time to respond or what am I supposed to do?

Thank you.

Ok, I understand, I will do some tests as soon as I can.


Hi, I would like to know what size I should use to create two columns that fit perfectly like the XYDONIA game.
This game has placed two tiles on the sides that fit perfectly in the horizontal repetition, if I try to do the same, I cannot achieve it because the repetition is not exact and parts of the column that should not be seen are visualized.

So what horizontal size do I need to correctly visualize two columns?

I love the graphic style, unfortunately I can't understand it since I don't have a high level of English.

Anyone there?

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This matter remains without confirmation.

I also need to know, I'm testing sizes and I don't get the right one.

It's a good idea, it can be interesting to add variations and complications.