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There's not... I wouldn't even know the first thing about porting to Playstation. This is the original and it only runs on HTML5. If there are ports it was someone else using my shared code.


Hi Cynerius! Thanks for the kind words... I actually decided to use it in my upcoming game so I didn't include it for download. Sorry!

Super polished and fun to boot. Nice work! 

Inspirationally designed. Fantastic!

Awesome game! I'm currently on level 7...

Awesome! I'm glad to see it being put to use

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Wow, thank you for the killer review! Every weapon is unlocked because well... my level designer had to drop out of the jam and I ran out of time. I had big plans for the story and game progression that never came to fruition. 

That said, someday in the future I will certainly make this a real metroidvania. Someday. My hope for this jam is to at least rank high in one of the categories, even if it's not the metroidvania one.

And for sure, I'm jazzed to check out your game!

Solid entry! I love the attention to detail here. Jump animation, camera that dynamically changes anchors based on the way the player is moving, squish animations, etc. Nice job.

Thank you! I probably spent way more time on the sound design than I should have lol. The hammer in particular took some refining.

Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful feedback! Seriously, I'll be incorporating it in the next version of this game.

I totally agree with your feedback. Funny enough, in playtesting I found similar issues. Meg would need to be activated only at specific locations (like a star in mario basically) and the NPC conversations should be activated by a different button than the action button lol. I'm giving serious thought to following-up on this game and refining it into something bigger.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm certainly kicking around some ideas of making this something much bigger... 

Fantastic entry! Great combat, solid aesthetic. So far this is one of my favorites this jam.

Thank you for the thorough play-through and feedback! I can't blame my buddy for bailing...  but it's still a bummer. The hammer lag is a known issue. It has to do with debris collision checks. My machine handles it fine, but when I tested on other PCs it came up occasionally. The soft locks are also known. Honestly, it's just super validating to hear you've found the same issues I'm currently debugging! Thanks for playing!

Big fan of the art style and enemy animations. I like how each enemy has its own behavior that intuitively hints at how to beat them (e.g. the warthog charges and defends with its tusks). Nice job!

Always great to find friends who get it lol

I think you did a great job capturing the "unlockables" and "exploration" aspects of metroidvanias. I also thought it was clever how you included the health bar in-game in each window rather than have it on the UI. 

I think you did a great job capturing the "unlockables" and "exploration" aspects of metroidvanias. I also thought it was clever how you included the health bar in-game in each window rather than have it on the UI. 

Oooo yeah, that'd be awesome!

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Yup! I couldn't agree more.  I had a level designer who bailed on me and I simply ran out of time as the solo dev. I actually have a version with all the weapons locked and locations to unlock them, but at 3:00a I gave up on trying to make a storyline to go with it. It's sad, but if I just had 3-4 more days I'd have a pretty solid level design/story/weapon progression. Post-Jam, I'll make a story with exploration. I already have basic wireframes and a storyboard written.

Ah gotcha, I'll try to be more patient lol.

Awesome entry! See my comments in the main game page :)

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Awesome, thank you! I played it through and I love the subtle humor in it. "Sorry, I'll be making dinner so I won't have time to pick you up from hell." lol. I'm really impressed with your map system too. That's something I was never able to quite find the time to figure out in my game. Wall jumps are clean. Weapon system is intuitive. Nice job!

lol fair point. Otter-ferret. Fotter? Ottet? There's some sort of name just waiting to be discovered there lol.

I love what you did with the dialogue system, specifically the way it animates. The presentation is absolutely fantastic. The backgrounds in particular are just beautiful. I love how much detail you were able to achieve while still remaining true to the crunchy pixel art. Bravo.

I love me a good Pico-8. I think there are a lot of fun ideas to explore here as a shadow that can take on the form of other animals. Was that a salamander in the water section?

I can't get this to run in my browser :( Are you able to run it on your machine?

I am impressed at the detail that went into this game! How much time did it take to make the sprites?? Soundtrack has a great retro-future vibe to it too. Very cool.

I think you have a good foundation here. The physics are coming along nicely. I'd be excited to see what you could do with a more prominent "bounce" mechanic. Maybe, for example, the game could be designed so the player tries to gain momentum before launching the ball in some direction. I know I personally would love to see the ball just fly across the screen and chaotically bounce everywhere lol.

I love how alive the character feels. The way the octopus wakes up in the beginning and all of the little animations you've included give the character life. Super cool. Music fits super well too. Presentation is excellent. I dig it :)

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I'm excited to check out your game, but there's a GUI bug right at the beginning that makes it so I can't see the gameplay. Let me know if you get it fixed so I can play and rate your game for the jam! 

Ah gotcha. The jump dust, sound, and I think semi-solid platforms looked familiar... either way, it's a key part of game jams, knowing where to exert effort (and where not to lol). 

Gosh, your games are so good. This one was particularly charming, and difficult in just the right way. Super cool mechanics. Clearly designed very intentionally with the player in mind. Awesome boss sequence at the end that ties everything together. Bravo. 10/10. 

If I had one critique, it would just be that the hitboxes on the powerups feel small, especially with the glow around them. Sometimes I'd miss them, even when I thought I was accurate. Not a huge deal though.

Anyway, I've been a die-hard fan of yours ever since I played your tribute game "A Super Short Hike." It was fun noticing some small recycled assets from that game in this one ;)

Awesome! Glad you liked it.

As a UX designer, I love everything about this.

There needs to be a Kultista art exhibit in which loads of arcade machines host all of the brilliant Kultista games. Seems like the right environment