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Just added some more.

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Thanks! I didnt think of that, I'll make a version without the labels. 

Mind the Gap is really fun.
I'll look into how to add community copies, I'm new to

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it.

This is a really fun game.
The quest for abilities aspect really got me, already filled with a bunch of ideas for sessions and characters.

Became a little bit different of what I imagined but I love it.

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An Akira inspired run/plugin and some teasers for other ideas

Cool, thanks for the reply!

I love this typeface, is it possible to add symbols for elements? For use in card games that have a energy or mana mechanics, I think the four elements and lightning could be useful for a bunch of games.

Came for a quiz and got a really interesting experience, not sure I would know what to say like in the game.

The result was spot on.

I have to reflect on my life now.

Awesome, I have followed the development ofBtB since you were posting the regions on twitter. I cant wait to play it! Your dedication to your work is a great source of inspiration!

This looks really cool, the mechanics give an interesting boardgame feel and it has a cool scenario.
Cant wait to try it!

That's great! I'm having a lot of fun with your game, its really good.
I'm curious to see what you more can you add to it, a guidebook is a great idea and more playbooks sounds fun! 
Have a nice year!

I got this game with the great bundle and was interested in it but never actually played it until I played Persona 4 last month, and HAD to play this one.

My frist read adressed most aspects that I would expect to make a story like the one I hope it would, the characters and the world elements adress what is necessary to create the world an obstacles really well.

I dont know if it would be necessary but maybe a plot generator system would help structure the story a bit so it can help the improv aspec as well.

At last, the game is amazing, even if Im not that used to the diceless system it was a great game to play and to read. Got really excited to see the new stuff and hope thats still on the way.