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Will Zach be a love interest? 

Ah alright thanks

What character's update is a0.17?

Was it echo? xD

Ah wait nvm, the game continued, so i was supposed to close the game.

In Ronch's second instance, if you let Ronch go, it says the end and then I can't do anything other than stare at the dot, is this supposed to happen? I had to exit the game to continue..

Oh alright, that is true, I'm obsessed with him lmao

Will there be any romantic scenes with Sal? He doesn't seem interested in Dave, will it happen later on?

Ah alright

In the latest build, there seems to be a problem regarding background images as a lot of them aren't found and the background just appears black. It kind of ruins some of the immersion in the game so I would like to know how I could possibly fix this?

Ah, ok, thank you!

I had an exception problem talking about ' "New Widget" not known by ATL Transformer ', What is supposed to be happening here?