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- 1 is a good idea I'll implement that

- I didn't do 2 because as you start going past 5 letters there are thousands of possible words and I have to store those somewhere. I couldn't find a comprehensive list for 6-8 so I just copied the 500+ most common 6-8 letter words and used those for keys. If I could find a list I was happy with I'd do it.

- the combo word thing has the potential to be very laggy and inefficient. I might try implementing it if I can find good lists for the 6-8 letter words. Its just easier for me to allow jumbled invalid entries. The 6-8 words were a bit of an afterthought tbh

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I uploaded a new build on the main page a few days ago that fixes this problem I think If you downloaded from the devlog post that might be the old build. Here is the main page:

lol, sorry about ruining that streak. I copy-pasted the puzzle solution words from a list online and never saw that one. Pushing out a build now to fix that.

Ok I think its fixed now

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lol ill lock it to portrait and re upload

I think we had the same idea lol

What are the resolutions for these sprites?

USPS is a tool of the deep state !!!!!111!!!!!!!111!!!!!

My favorite art style thus far, reminds me a little of Caves of Qud's UI.

Really nice 2D lighting and use of art assets.

The weapon variety and randomization is very cool, could be expanded into something very interesting. I wish enemies were more aggressive and the gameplay was a little crazier.

Really nice use of emissive materials, adds a lot to the art. I wish there were more upsides to using the sword, the wand just felt better to me at all times.

Really polished, nice proof of concept for a game jam.

Cool tech demo

I like the concept, and overall feel of the game. I like this more than some of the first person shooters I've played in this jam because you can easily see and dodge the projectiles, which is a problem with my game rn.

Super well polished and impressive given the time frame.

Great game. Lots of good iteration on a simple concept.

Pretty challenging but original match 3. Enemies kept getting staves/magic wands for me but I had very few wand matches so I ended up taking a lot of unpreventable damage. I could just be bad tho.

Really great idea! Could easily be expanded into a full game.

Good amount of content and cool looking worm

Nice game has a lot of content and good overall feel. I kept getting the glitch where white lines appear in between the tile columns on the tilemap. In unity you can fix that by using a pixel perfect camera, or doing this, or using a sprite atlas for all your sprites. I've encountered this problem a couple times and pixel perfect camera usually fixes it for me.

Nice level design, really could have used a reticle and more visual feedback when stuff happened, like bombs being placed or switches changing colors.

Just letting you know windows defender actually just flagged this as a trojan for me for some reason, hopefully just an error xd.

Best puzzle game I've played so far in the jam. So much content, you really have a good understanding of how to design levels for this mechanic! I think if you can make ~100 levels of this you can definitely turn it into a mobile or cheap steam game.

Good game. The bow sound effect worked with the music really well surprisingly, I think it would have been cool if the actions of the towers synced up with the music bpm in some way.

I almost went with this aesthetic for my game (using billboarded sprites with lighting) but I ended up using unlit textures instead, this project shows it can really work. I liked the ambiance a lot.

The art selection was very good, but I think you should have used different images for the doors and walls, as they were very hard to find/distinguish.

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Good idea, I can't believe I haven't seen an FPS endless runner before. The shooting mechanics are a little frustrating at long range though, since the bullets shoot from gun barrel direction and not the direction the reticle aiming at. To fix this in my game I attached a script to the projectile that initially launched it from the direction/position of the gun barrel, but over the course of a half second moves it to the in front of the reticles screen position and direction. This still gives the effect of the projectile moving from the gun, but makes it more accurate. Very nice game.

Really nice aesthetic and dialogue system, the game felt very polished.

Very smooth gameplay and great style. Shooting was fun and bombs felt very satisfying. The perspective made the game hard to play at times, a few times enemies from the south would shoot from off screen. I found aiming a little disorienting as well due to the perspective. Also, there is a glitch on the windows build when selecting a potion from the rewards screen the game will crash. Still overall good work, best top down shooter I've played in this jam thus far.

Best flappy bird style game I've played yet. I like any game that does multiple things with one input. I wonder what the best way to expand on this is while still only keeping one input. Power ups seem like the most basic step.

Great amount of content and I liked the dice roll catch system, it contributed to the goofy feel of the game. Never really played a 2D stealth game before and this game makes me feel like that genre could really work out.

Nice level design and 2D lighting. I think it could use a checkpoint system but I might just be bad.

Good use of assets, the enemy ship placement was good and varied, it felt like a real top down ship shooter. The shooting sound was very grating though, especially with no music. I got to the final boss and I'm pretty sure I got one shot from full health in like half a second, not sure if that was intentional but it was very jarring.

Cool idea. Jumping, movement, and animations were good. Jumping between worlds can be a little frustrating, the camera moves quickly finding a way to smooth out the movements would go a long way I think.

Good twist on an endless runner, having the hook collect coins is actually pretty cool and adds more depth to the player movement. Could easily make a nice little mobile game out of this with a few more weeks work.

Very nice game feel. I kept dying at that one section two bouncepads and spikes in between.

Liked the concept, very simple to play but super frantic. Good amount of content as well.

Very cool concept. Very frantic and a lot to take in but looks cool as hell. Definitely feels like it should be expanded on.

Cool idea. I softlocked myself a couple times but it was fun goofy trial and error.