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I think that instead of reducing the 'Scale', it's probably more efficient to, in the Render (not Basic Render, shown as an orange cube, but Render, shown by a white cube) tab, you change the node type from the default Sprite, to None!

Hey! Seems like an interesting project. Did you guys acquire the packs? How do you intend to use the manual?  That sounds exciting, but if you intend to print and sell then we should negotiate. That's something I'm very happy to think about, seeing as how I wanted to write a little lore section about each monster myself, and I love seeing what sort of work people do with my assets!

OMG I'm sorry, it seems I accidentally edited your comment instead of commenting myself??? I honestly DON'T know how that happened and I'm so perplexed. Anyway, I'll copy my reply to another comment. 

"They're on the main page! Right above the Download button. 

But basically, you're free to use it to develop games as much as you wish, either commercial or free, and on any engine. You're not allowed to resell, redistribute or otherwise try to repackage the assets though. (of course.)

If you have a particular need hopefully I can help you out!"

My apology for this mistake. The last thing I want is to impersonate someone else! 

Proudly participating! <3

Thanks a lot <3

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Whew I wrote an enormous response, clicked the notification icon and erased everything...

For now, this pack is very different from the current Steam version. But an update to legacy owners of the Steam version should be rolling soon. The main difference between this and Steam will be, then, the presence of .PSDs, which allow you to make new variations of most monsters. (Most of them are separated in folders with opacity masks, by clicking on the individual layers/folders and altering the Hue you can make plenty of really neat edits). I plan on releasing further content updates on this one such as new monster variations, and since this one is independently published, I can roll out updates and new content in a much swifter fashion.

I don't know how I'd approach 'loyalty discounts', since any previous sales are information accessible only to my publisher, so I have nothing to go on.

Still, I'm looking forward to feedback, both on the contents of this pack and things you'd like to see in the future! Packs #02 and #03 are on their way to here :)

edit: I noticed that the short description mentions "extra files"; this is a relic from a previous version of the pack and I'll swiftly remove that. For now, it's the .PSDs. 


where ARE the COMMENTS?! Did this get a judge review?????????? that was fun

There are other ways to check and they will do a thorough check on any potential winners that's for sure. But you don't have to really worry it, as long as you do everything in good faith you're safe :)

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Just confirming something I took for granted / treated as obvious: I mentioned being tired from working on my IGMC game on twitter, and people immediately said "the jam doesn't start until tomorrow". 

As far as I know, IGMC's jams always have started immediately from the official announcement, and the delayed submissal date on the official page is just meant to stop people from submitting old or unfinished work. Is that right, or do I have to scrap what I've done in this meanwhile? (most background writing and some spriting)


They're pretty good at looking at files' creation dates nd other methods, as well as you can be sure they'll be doing great detective work on the winners lol

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I think a demo version -- or rather, a vertical slice, is what's more appropriate for this jam. 

Also, the full version, if you win, has an exclusivity publishing contract with Degica, so it can be paid if they're publishing, lol

(which is a sweet deal imo, perhaps even moreso than the cash prize)

Yeeeee how productive! I'm very looking forward to playing another game by you <3

thank u so much! I'm very glad u enjoyed~ <3

thank you!!!! I got so stressed i zoned off of for the month and just saw this now >v<)'b but there's some new stuff i cooked off in the meanwhile! :D <3

Thanks for the report! Indeed, some people have been having troubles with unzipping the files; it's random though; only a small number of ppl reported this. I wonder if that'd have been an issue if I .zipped it instead of .raring it....

Maybe if you tried unzipping it with another compression program like 7zip? Regardless, at some point in the next month I'll be uploading an updated version! ; o ; 

Thank you very much for the interest ;v; <3

Did a let's play of it, lovely game~~ <3

Thanks so very much for reporting this in the page. <3

It's funny, it appears to be an actual RPG Maker 2003 error and not my mistake -- all the RTP files are inside the game folder, and it DID run on my laptop with no RTP installed; while a friend who DOES have the rtp installed got the same error. 

I contacted the staff to talk about it, because nowhere in the rm2k3 helpfile it states having to do anything other than adding the rtp files to the game project : / 

anyway, i'm gonna make an installer version with bugfixes and a bit of expanded content and post it on RMN in a short while. :/

Thanks for the feedback!

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thanks!!! ehe <3

Progress: Working on the Intro cutscene, schemed the battle system further, did some extra tiles such as statues and cut-able tree stumps!

that looks like a surprisingly fun and endearing concept -- and i actually find the lack of walking animation to be charming and fitting within the game hahaha <3

maybe try playing around with colour grading though! the loads of grays would benefit from it~

Heya! This is Jo and I'm working on an RPG for the ongoing IGMC2017, tentatively titled Heaven's Door.

It's a condensed RPG, where I (as usual) attempted to 'reverse engineer' traditional RPG mechanics and make it the simplest and funnest I can.

Some mockups (I'm still on the graphics creation stage while I figure out the code structure in my head)

The battle screen. I'm going to add a shade of black to the player sprites. The battle system is simplified but dynamic-; commands are entered in real time using directionals (you assign up to 4 spells and items per character to the directionals)and, while the battles are turn based, the Combo counter is constantly rolling so you're encouraged to make quick decisions to keep it up and reap its plethora of effects. Ability scope is automatic; healing always targets the ally with least HP, attacks always target the front enemy, all debuffs target all allies / enemies.

The Specialty screen. The art is placeholder, not created by myself, and is ripped from Valkyrie Profile. I just  used it to help set the creative tone and have something as a placeholder on the menu; i'll be replacing it with my own art in a couple of days.
Outside battle, thigs are simple as well: There's no Experience nor Levels, you gain AP after every battle and can use it to increase your characters' Specialties. These do thing ranging from automatically healing a low HP ally without using up items or turns, to surviving fatal damage with 1HP, to countering enemy attacks. You can equip 4 of these and bring them to battle; they will often add special effects to your commands such as Healing Guard that lets Guarding recover (the party's!) HP, or Shock Arrow that has a chance of resetting the enemy's turn counter on hitting them.

Lastly, my graphics for the game. Dungeon design has metroidvania elements, with cutting open trees, swapping places with statues and freezing and engaging enemies. Still early, but hope it'll be an endearing experience!

Stay tuned for progress! : D

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Noob question sorry, I'm new to 3D in general and wanted to bring my pixel/tile art to the 3D field
So, I made this little, pretty bad test map and I'm trying to render it to see how the pixel textures will behave on a pre-rendered, PS1 style map...

But when I render, it ignores the textures and just tries to render like this! I dunno what's the matter, but I'm eager to make maps with this and I wanted to get the simplicity of this map building with the PS1 RPG aesthetic so ;v;
Pls help?

EDIT: Actually, nevermind... i deleted the project, reopened blender and did another one. it worked fine, until i tried to subdivide the tiles in that closet to add detail, then it went all bonkers. also, it started creating tiles only facing a specific direction no matter how much i turned the camera around... so, its probably because im a blender noob and it's such an arcane, mystic tool @_@

(yours is not tho, so sweet and intuitive <3)

Yessss yes yes yes!!! This pack's pure gold~


Nice, but I feel its a waste to have this great Akira Toriyama emulated art and then have RTP characters and out-of-style monsters :c

<3 <3 i'm still wowed by this~

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I fell in love with Witch! It's a shame I'm really on a tight schedule but I made this really quick 5 min doodle to illustrate my idea

anyone can feel free to use the idea as a base for their art own, if they so witch XD

(its really ugly )

That sounds fun! Would you mind giving us an example of a splash art though?

i mean i know what a splash art is but i'm not sure how i should approach this XD