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Joseph Manley

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I am super interested in this product, but I was wondering what the status or future is for a Linux release?

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Hello there!

Glad you came across my post!

My name is Joseph Manley, and I am a fairly experienced programmer, especially in the realm of Networking and DevOps. I’ve been making hobby projects with Unity for a little more than four years and been doing the same with Godot over this last year.

When working on projects, I am a big fan of building and integrating custom pipelines and tools, which means that I prefer my code to be modular, reusable, and easily configurable.

I am a big fan of strategy, multiplayer, RPGs, and casual adventure games, but I am willing to work on anything exciting and innovative.

Notable Projects

Heroic Lab’s Nakama on ECS

AWS CloudFormation stack of the containerized version of Nakama running on ECS. This stack contains the needed infrastructure to entirely run Nakama securely with SSL and set up for easy integration with Nakama enterprise.


Glitch in the System

Glitch in the System is a terminal styled jam platformer with random map generation. As this was a solo project, I am responsible for mostly the whole thing, aside from the sound assets I used.

He Has Hostages

A top-down jam game where you grab as much money as you can and get out! In this project, I was in charge of the code, design, and project management.

Ludum Dare:

If you have any questions about my experience, technology, or anything else, feel free to reply to this post or contact me on social media. Please note that for any long term project, I would like some sort of financial compensation of some sort due to the risk of projects falling apart.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with me, you can do so here.

Thank you!

Links of interest:

Thanks for giving it a play! I've added the the bugs you mentioned to my agile board. The generation still needs a bit of work right now. lol Currently, they just spawn randomly in the map alongside everything else.

Currently, they are meaningless. lol I put them in to be part of an upgrade system I still haven't implemented.

I think it tries to by default, I'm not 100% certain what causes the file to get improper permissions. I make my builds via Linux command line, so I've never had that issue.

I got it to work, so it seems that your Linux build for whatever reason does not have execute permissions. (I've encounted this with a few other Godot games) In any unix environment (Windows Linux subsystem would work), you can run `sudo chmod +x APPFILE.x86_64` and that'll fix the issue.

Btw, good game, it played pretty well. I stood on the sides of the walls a few times, but I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. lol

Just beat the game, I gotta say. It was beautiful. The mechanic was super fun and actually made me play through a few times. lol Great job!

I'll give it a play when I get off work. Run the command `sudo chmod +x GAMEFILE` If you run that command before uploading it, future users shouldn't have that issues.

WASD or arrows to move, space to jump, click to attack

Your game looks pretty fun, but I think there is an issue with the linux build (I run Fedora 29) and I get "Could not display 'MobGlitch.x86_64'"

I don't know what to say besides "What the fuck!" and that a great experience.

I tried to run you linux build, but it is missing the .pck file.

I played it a few times, the best time I got was 45 seconds. It's probably a lot of RNG, but it felt as if I just screwed up a lot which is good! I think you could do some experimentation with the art style, but besides that it would make a great arcade game.

You're game was definitely took some creepy twists. I enjoyed the game very much, the game is best played in the dark.

The game was super hilarious! The concept was great. I had a few issues with hitting the vertical boxes, perhaps it was a hitbox issue? The game provided a couple super fun minutes  and brings back the days of fixing my grandmother's PC. lol

Hey, I wanted to give your game a try, but I think there is an issue with the Linux build, I keep getting the message "Could not display 'Linux.x86_64'"

I like the ideas, thanks for the feedback. I added your ideas to my agile board. :) I think a mini map would be pretty cool, I have a few ideas on how to possible implement it.

I put together some time today to implement that. :)

Hey SekoiaTree, thanks for the feedback! The desktop versions were temporarily down due to an export error. (They're now back up!) As for a tutorial, I agree, I'd like to implement a more subtle way to introduce players to game mechanics.

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I must've used the build tools incorrectly. Thanks for letting me know. lol

UPDATE: Client builds are now being properly being exported.