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This is the most unexpected reply ever! I was an inexperienced jerk back then, ignore my comment. 

There is always room for improvement in games, the important thing is not giving up and keep making (and finishing) games.

Good luck!

great suggestion on the colors Kalonica, the names used are the actual names, but I didn't see it wouldn't be so much intuitive. I tried to work hard on the controls, and the sensivity is low because higher levels caused motion sickness as hell. The music is a placeholder by now, I teamed up with some guys and we are making it a complete game, not just a draft like it is now. Thanks for all the feedback, please give us more :D

a magenta screen? just wtf to that, unity broke

Much brainfuck. Cool concept, and cool implementation. Addictive also. Release it on mobile and get rich.

I've caught that bitch once, pretty difficult, pretty fun. Good game, and fits well with the theme.

Fits theme well, and the result of giving a simple jump/shoot mechanic a new perspective results in something uncomfortably fun! Good job there!

Good music, good gameplay, good game. Adicting as fuck.

WTF this game! The art is confusing as fuck, I love it! Good job.

Great music and art. Hacked those bitches in 3 years and half. Good game indeed.

Great game, easy to learn, hard to master, like all the good games. I'm not sure exactly how this is linked to the theme, but who cares, it's good.

So, it's good for a 48 game jam, not for a 12 day game jam. The core mechanic it's click them all, and I cant see the relation with the theme image, and no explanation found after all.

Good game! A little dificult to control, but good game

The game resolution is too big, I got to scroll all the time, and it killed the gameplay.

Algo I didn't understand so well the download and hack mechanic. Why it stopped spinning even if I didn't released the click? A bit confusing, but good idea.


Dense puzzle, I like it! The music blends my mind.