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i love how these comments is a THICC spam lol

That Is a feature im working on with a some Sort of STUDIO to make Places

yeah idk why it does that but im doing a rewrite of this "old" version of roblox 2d and i actually tested out and in the new rewrite that will not appear


it is created with game maker studio 1.4

no it isnt a virus

a m o g u s

how do i download the gms1.4 version?

i made them all myself

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i will need to make a toolbox first to make it easy to access

the game is already on windows

well there's a html version:

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I Will try yo make the Game for Linux

I don't hace any way to test It out beacuse i don't have any pc with Linux i Will try with a virtual machines

for everyone who want a update. i lost all the files for this project i will see if i can made it from scratch...

I don't understand...

there's nothing dangerus in the game... you can trust it

it's just a building game... '_'


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That's beacuse i Will add those later...

(The online and games thing is the dificult part)

that's what it's based of!

beta 0.2.0 relased

it is compatible with oculus rift?

Did anyone ask for this?, NO 

welp, roblox 2d is be a roblox fangame for sharing brick-built creations!

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