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Well I am just so honored by this video! Unfortunately this version can "break" as seen at the end of your playthru; I have since fixed this error, and have a LOT more updates on the way. If you follow me it will ensure these updates make it to you! I promise a much more fully fledged game this next go around. (Will you shoot me a DM? - moviejones @ gmail)

Thanks! Lots more loot to come, just a demo at this time.

Party Master Level 1 Demo

Use magic to shoot your way through a retro, NES-inspired roguelite!

This is just the first level demo of "Party Master" (working title).

Play as a young wizard warrior defending the land from bullet blasting baddies!

Collect random weapons and items to increase your badassery and take on the Wyvern!


Such a great concept! All I did was create a giant black hole but hey! Still a neat idea.

Well this is just fantastic

Jesus this is beautiful. Thank you for your amazing work! Your Z1 art has built me a happy slappy prototype. You can follow me on instagram @joneslearnsunity

I love these assets! I've been using them to prototype out a game I'm working on. Have to say I also love your interactive demo. Would you consider releasing the source code for that? I've been trying to do a very similar melee attack style but cannot figure it out. Maybe you could point me to the right tutorial?