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Jon Bellini

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really cool! is there a way you can calculate speed/dist and make the "catch" happen on-the-beat? you can do quarter, 8ths, triplets and 16ths etc..

cool concept. WAY TOO hard! got tune it way down.

looks amazing!

So good!

awesome!  I still have yet to beat it, I keep getting greedy with my digs!

well I was trying to assign SPACE to jump... looks like you can't reassign that?  I was also trying to assign to SHIFT and CTRL but it wouldn't let me.

looks cool from what I could do, but seems like you have a major control scheme problems. I couldn't reassign keys correctly, it would assign some random key.  It would not let me restore defaults.  Many times I couldn't figure out how to go to the next screen or confirm.  When I got to Choose Character I could click the CONFIRM button but nothing happened I couldn't get by that screen so I had to quit.

some awesome potential.  the control scheme is REALLY difficult.  I like that there are complex moves, but the response just doesn't feel 'snappy' enough. But really cool design. I couldn't beat the Red guy.. he was way too hard. I hope you keep working on it!

pretty good.. its fun!

recolored him a bit and slightly modified the animations....I used it in a little demo...

cute!  not as easy to do as it looks...