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Jonny (Jonathick)

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Great little game!

This game was actually really good, short but good!

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Wow this game is good! Check out my short gameplay if you are unsure if you want to download it or not!

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This game was good! If you are not sure if you want to play watch my short video below. Multiple endings so you might not get my ending...

how long is this chapter?

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I liked this game! I cant wait until the full release!!

I am about to take this enlarged rat back to the pet store and I am about to throw hands if it keeps eating my cake!!!!

Yes, thank you! Now I can finally make a decent looking thumbnail.

I finally got my PS4 controller to work on here but once loaded into the game my character looks straight up and just starts to spin and I don't how to fix it. If you know how let me know as I want to play this, if not let me know when you update the game and I will play it. Best of luck!


This might be a odd question, but I am trying to make a thumbnail but cant find a .PNG file for the title. You wouldnt happen to have one that you can send me would you? I just would like to have the title and not some crappy font that doesnt do this game justice.


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Just played this game today, and OMG did I scream. Definitely the first game to make me freak out! Link to the video below!

Don't forget to do the YouTube thing and Like, Comment, and Subscribe it does help the channel grow and I will see you all in the next video!

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What a wonderful game! Very interesting concept, I loved it and hope to get a full release in the near future!


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I liked this game a lot, the ending had me like "WTF" but it was good nonetheless!

Check out my gameplay below, and do the YouTube thing and subscribe!

I actually really enjoyed this A LOT! My video is really played up to make it interesting.

YouTube Channel Direct Link(subscribe) https://www.youtube.com/channe...

Watch Video Below:

Played Contemp and I really enjoyed it! If you are on the verge to download this game and want to watch videos before you do so check out my video down below!

YouTube Channel: JonathickTV (Subscribe for VR gaming, and horror/indie games)

Hope you all enjoy and hope to see you around in the comments!!

I really enjoyed this game, I made a video of it here and I will link it below!

YouTube Channel Name: JonathickTV (VR Let's Plays coming in the coming days)


Welcome To Hanwell is such a good game. check out my gameplay above if your hesitant about downloading it.

Still can't download this game! any idea why this is happening? I just downloaded 2 indie games from itch.io and it worked fine but when I try this it fails at the exact same spot every time.

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I have tried to download this game for like 2 days now, it gets to 1.7 out of 1.87 and it says network has failed even though I have downloaded multiple games minutes later and before. Not sure what is going on.

Edited: Tried again today and still couldn't download it.

Had a great time with your game! Gained 10 new subscribers from playing your game :)

Heres my video if you want to check it out! Episode 2 is up as well! With Episode 3 coming soon.

If you want to check out the game before you download then check out my video on youtube.