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Thanks for the neat tool! It's really easy to drop in and use in my projects. However, there's this thing where if I rename an Aseprite file, like for example Table.ase, the Table.ase GameObjects in the scene have their positions reset all to 0 which is a little annoying. Is there any way possible you could fix it? That'd be awesome.

I've had the crash when I had the dash feature OFF, and then I relaunched the game. 

With the dashing still OFF, I managed to play the TV cutscene fine.

im completely inspired by this work of art im literally shivering i feel like a totally new person holy crap

You used the letter n in the game? woah.


My best was 3,060! beat you. ;)

Maybe it's an issue with CPU, and it's that streaming taking resources from it, while also the game using the CPU to render materials as I didn't enable GPU instancing in Unity. Since it's not a WebGL game, it shouldn't cause any issues and I should probably enable those.

I am deeply sorry that my game has caused you this much harm. My prayers are out to you for a fast recovery.

What are you talking about? This is totally normal and realistic game development!
this is amazing

You improvised the music! Nice! Got 35 ideas and 1 idea lost.

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Oh okay, technical issues are always annoying. Have you tried out the Windows version?

EDIT: Also, I had done some horrible UX design. Have you also tried on the Web version if all the pads do anything? For example: the place with paper will give you paper, the trash can will trash it, and the machine next to it will turn it into a printed document? Also, the coffee machine and the phone?

Very deep game.

Just in case you haven't got the news on Discord now;

I tried using Chrome and the game works fine. Odd.

Tim's face is the peak of all art that will happen in this century.

Did you have any item on your hand or something?

Did you try right click?

Until I read the comment about how to abduct cows, I was really struggling with it for 10 minutes or so. It was super frustrating, but after I figured it out, it was an interesting game.

This game is fun, and so much more hilarious. No complaints here, except for maybe difficulty. Great, hilarious game.

This was fun and really interesting! I got a bug that flew me way up, so I stopped playing. Nonetheless, fun game, would love to see more polish to it!

This is beautiful. Let no one else say it isn't. This is beautiful.

This is golden. Submit this as your game, and you'll win.

I wouldn't worry too much about Tim. Sure, huge promise, but he's been getting a ton of games beforehand in Feedback Fridays that he's already played until the games not played yet were zero. He hasn't done one in a while, but I think he can do it!

Besides most of us joining probably won't finish, like for example, me!

Thanks a lot :D

I was generally confused how the thing worked, and after fiddling around with shoving a bunch of red things to the red outlets by ones, I ended up clipping out of bounds. Oops. At least I got the lights mostly lit! Another issue I have was the camera. Other than that, the concept is pretty interesting, good job! :D

I like the the game overall, and I loved the concept. Only issue I have is the difficulty from level 2 to 3. Great job!