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Jonathan Steuve

A member registered Aug 30, 2020

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The most intriguing and inclusive RPG I have ever heard about. I listened to it and I am so Hyped! I look forward to play with friends and discover the world of absolute NIGHT ! Centering blindness not as a disability anymore but as a force to guide Humanity in this post-apo world. Just a brilliant idea !

So nice to see this wonderful game translated in English ! =)

I would also definitely recommend Sonja & Conan vs the Ninjas! A must have !

Really nice RPG made by and for the kids... but not only!!! Actually it is the best RPG to play with (your) kids. You can live adventures bigger than life with the eyes of a child. Bads might not be so bad and solutions are not always the fight! Loving it!

Jeu fantastique! Il émule excellemment les films de Série B de Barbare à la Sword et Sorcery avec un réel talent! Les règles sont super courtes, la préparation prend 2 minutes et le plaisir est immédiat! Épique avec le plein de rigolade!

Fantastic game! It really emulates the Barbarian Heroe of Sword and Sorcery's B movies with such talent! Rules are super thin, preparation is 2 minutes and fun is immediate! Epic with lot of laughs!