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John Grabes

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Gameplay felt kinda clunky and I didn't particularly care for how the character moved but was a very interesting idea which I liked a lot

The moon shall always stay in our hearts

Cheers. I agree about the movement, something about the way I used velocity in Unity made it so horizontal movement doubles move speed which made the controls feel faster than intended. 

Good game, wasn't a fan of the jumpscare and I wasn't sure how to progress once the witch appeared but the art and atmosphere were very well made. One of the more polished jam games

I have added a save function as well as the ability to continue between sessions. Thank you for the feedback, the game honestly really needed that

I was mainly thinking of that part where you need to jump over a gap to light a candle but if you go too far you land on a spike you can't see with your light radius and die

This is like my game but a platformer lmao. I enjoyed it but I feel like some of the spike placements were a little unfair. 

I fixed the game so now you can actually progress past level one. Sorry for any annoyance

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Finally fixed that fuckin bug if you wanna give it another go

The movement felt a little weird, I found the shoot jump very inconsistent to use and the enemies didn't seem to take any damage because the gun didn't visibly harm them in any way. It would be hypocritical to complain about enemies blending into the background given that's what my game is about but it did make the shooting aspect a little difficult given I had no clue where to aim half the time. Don't be disheartened tho, you clearly have bucketloads more programming skill than I do and I wish you all the best.

holy flip this is so good. Yet to unlock whatever the pentagram does but holy hell. I felt like, crazy immersed the entire time, probably moreso than most larger titles. I'm also very excited  to dig into its more ARG like features such as the coordinates or the Underdungeon guy from the tree. Josyan is honestly one of my fav devs and I look forward to whatever he makes next.

10/10, brilliant.

Damn, I didn't know this was on Itch. I thought RedDeer only published to switch. Btw brilliant game by the way

It wasn’t game ruining but it was quite unwieldy, just something that you might want to look into if you want to keep developing it. Overall it was very good though, have done several runs

controls felt a little unwieldy at times, I personally would have slowed it down a little, but overall was an enjoyable experience and I hope you do well.

yeah, fair. I made the stupid mistake to try and code the platformer physics from scratch instead of using rigid bodies when it’s my second game 

yeah, sorry about that. I literally ran out of time trying to patch it but couldn’t work out how (Thank goodness for the time extension huh). It occurs when the RPG guy kills you if that helps you avoid it somehow.