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Yes, I read that, nice to hear that I came to the right conclusion :-). I have the electric torch, is there another one?

I just tried again and this time I found all 3 diamonds :-).

But I have one question left: Do the hat, the scarf and the mittens have a purpose or is it just so my character does not catch a cold on his way back through the woods?

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Very nice game! I really liked the 1 bit graphics and the sounds and the puzzles where nice and well designed. I loved it and I am considering buying the soundtrack too. 
PS: I think I will play through the game again, since I only found one diamond. It is possible to get more, I guess?

Finally a spooky game that does not give me heart attacks! Very nice game, love the graphics and the music/sounds and the sweet ghosts of course!

The Endboss was pretty hard for me, but in the end I did it. Nice demo :-)

It is really short, but It was sweet! I loved the idea and overall style of the game. Great work! :-)