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Recent community posts is not going well. Should definitely end up being an achievement to finish a campaign (sans-tutorial) with the fist only :P

Hooray :D

Still lovin' it! Can't wait for the upcoming content update. Not a lot new to report, but I did just encounter a bug on the mission where you befriend Hagan. In the early portions of the mission, I got into a scuffle which made some debris fall in a doorway. Hagan tried to lead me through that doorway later so that we could talk quietly but once we got to the debris he was unwilling to move beyond it, he just kind of went back and forth without progressing. 

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Kickstarter backer #33 checking in! First of all, I love the game just as much as I expected to after watching the streams and seeing the videos, well done!

Wanted to put together some initial thoughts after going through a full campaign.

First - Please, please, please an option to have sound not be muted when tabbed out. I frequently tab in-and-out especially when working on several things and hate to have the music stop :)

Tutorial - A little more guidance *might* be useful when it comes to figuring out exactly what the UI represents. It took me a mission or two to figure out the time points and how they went up/down but it eventually made sense.

Tutorial mission - minor typo - when Kai says "Why would I do that?" when told to kill the target, the Faceless responds with "We will get then" which doesn't flow :P

Combat - I LOVE the replay system for finishing combat and the soundtrack is awesome just from what I've heard, such a stellar feature.

Combat - In one of my missions, the shade spotted me and I had to engage with ~15 bodyguards. I was able to beat them by accidentally funneling them all into one single doorway where I had endless free reign to down -> kill -> enemy funnels -> repeat without taking any damage. It was hilarious, but may be something with the AI not wanting to attack through each other? I could probably get a video together of that happening.

Dancing - I could not for the life of me figure out what dancing did outside of the dialogue option to become friends. I tried engaging in combat, running away and putting at least a full room between me and guards, then dancing to blend in but that didn't seem to work ;)

Missions - I definitely loved the variety in mission type already. Starting with a kill target mission, to diplomacy, defusing bombs, locating packages, and extracting info was really awesome way to change up the pace and kept things feeling fresh.

Mini-map - Potential feature? I found myself getting mildly lost in some of the giant clubs, but that could be my fault ;P

Dialogue options - Definitely had a lot of laughs with the various options when speaking to NPCs, it was awesome. I'd love to see more variety in what you can actually say as there was a lot of repetition so that would be a great long-term addition :)

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with some other stuff as I do campaign after campaign. Love the game and can't wait for the additional content in June already! :)

There's also an option to "Show FPS" that I saw in the settings menu :)