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Enhorabuena por esos gráficos Javy!! Son geniales

This adventure keeps going from Fitzroy Dives Deep and I am loving it as much as this one. Am I wrong or it was easier to advance on the previous one? Great use of color, great melodies and the classic playability I expect on these games. Congrats!

Congrats Gallegux! Excellent game ! Team T is welcome to the Amstrad scene (even when at least two of their components were already part of it!)

excelente trabajo chicos!! A ver si se os ve en la edición de 2022!

He tardado en probarlo a fondo, pero es un producto muy bien acabado... Con algunos elementos de jugabilidad más y un poco más de dificultad en los últimos niveles (me lo he pasado muy rápido) sería un gran juego... Un Castle Kid 2.0 estaría muy bien

La música es original? En los créditos pone "music by ultrasid". Se trata de una musica demo para el SID adaptada al chip de sonido del cpc?

I have downloaded the 1.3 version! Thanks for the changes in level 3! Now it seems fully playable!! I wish I am able to keep going on through the game and hopefully finish it one day!

You are welcome! I wrote a second, similar, message because I thought the first one has not been published. Willing to play the upcoming updates

I am loving to play this game. The aquatic parts remind me of The New Zealand Story. The music is great. There are some bugs to correct but it is quite challenging (sometimes you get trapped in the narrow underwater paths). I love the graphic style and the exploration, looking for keys... all the elements of the classic platformers of the 80s. I reached the third level... How many levels does it have?


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I love this game. Since the graphic style (which reminds me the first era of CPC games) to the lovely music that fits perfectly to the game. Platformers with some exploration and not too many pixel perfect jumps or moves are some of my favorite games so I am loving it. I see some inspiration in the aquatic levels of The New Zealand Story as well. Congrats to the developers 👏👏👏👏

Thanks for the DSK!! Great game

Ohhhh Bueno, intentaré grabarme una cinta con el CDT... 13 dias es muuuuuuucho. De cualquier forma daros la enhorabuena! He visto varios videos y me parece un juego excelente con un gran diseño y muy buena combinación de ideas (y como siempre musicón de McKlain). Cuando lo juegue pondré un comentario más completo.

Subid una versión en dsk, please ...