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Very fun game, i like the spring mechanic. Art was very cute.

The game was fun at the start, but it got boring after a few levels. Very intresting idea.

Amazing game! Very calm and beautiful music and art. One of my favourite games in this jam.

It took me some time to understand how everything works, but after that it was very fun.

Very fun and creative game. Very cute art and good sounds.

Very fun game and nice visuals. Good physics game.

Fun game and great visuals. I think it would be good mobile game.

Really fun game,  well balanced gameplay, i love the art.

Great art and fun game, but i think it could be a little bit harder.

Really fun game. It's like Baba is you, but as a platformer.  

Good idea and fun game! Great level design.

Fun and very good looking game.

It was hard to understand the controls, but after that game was very fun.

Cool idea, hard but fun game. Very good level design.

Fun game and very cool idea. I couldn't beat level 4.

Very fun game, but i would like if first levels would be easier. I took a long time for me to realize that i can zoom in and out with scroll wheel.

Very intresting idea, game was fun.

Fun game and very good art. Nice idea.


Very fun and simple game, great level design.

Very fun game and nice idea! 

Fun game and very good audio, but the game was hard.

Fun game, good music, but after few levels the game was to hard.

Very fun game, at first it was unclear what i need to do, but after that it was very fun.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, I didn't wrote i in the rules, but after your attack every point gets 1 score. Then red points attack you and then again every point gets 1 score.

Thank you!

Thank you. Yes, it's a bug that moles are very fast when playing again. I forgot to reset moles speed when playing again.


Very fun and interesting game, well balanced.

Very fun, bur hard game. It was very hard to grab boxes if there is boxes around them.

Thanks for playing, I think there is a bug in my game where if you can't plant attractor if you don't have attractor seeds.

Very fun and difficult game.

Very fun game and very good, but hard puzzles.

Very good sounds and game, but it's hard to understand what i need to do.

Game looks very good and movement feels nice, but it was very repetitive to run in the same path every time,

Very fun game and good animations, but movement don't fell good.

The game looks very good, but it's was hard to understand how to play.

Fun game and very creative theme interpretation.

Very fun game, but it's very colourful so it's hard to see where trash is.