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Late, but the easiest way to update is to get the launcher and update it from there.

Bluestacks can be super intensive on Low-end computers like chromebooks. Unless you have a very expensive pixelbook (which isn't even worth it) you probably won't be able to play anything at a playable frame rate.

Did you read the last sentence of my message? Not all chromebooks are able to open .apks. Chromebooks are based off of an entirely different distro of linux. Many Chromebooks use different architectures than what the .apk file supports.  

The PC version is vastly superior. Not all chromebooks are even owned by google. 95% of all chromebooks are produced from other companies. Not all chromebooks are able to use the google app store.

Get the mobile version, Innersloth needs to make money somehow.

No, It's only 5$. Innersloth needs to make money somehow. If you really need to play this for free get the mobile version.

No, this is the legit game. Can you describe your problem?

the game just kinda gave up

If your computer isn't a toaster you should be able to run it well with wine

Please make a linux version

Mostly controls, but the PC version has way more hats. Specifically with the power of German engineering.

While looking at "The ballad of the liar" (, I quickly found that it has nothing to do with the theme. I'm a little confused as to if it breaks the rules?  It was made for another jam but I can't say for sure if that's also against them. Could someone clear things up for me?

Explain, I've run through the game plenty enough and found none. Could you also show evidence that these actually happened?

They are 100% possible, you are supposed to wall jump.

Didn't change anything, still same problem.

Doesn't even load the .gif just 1 photo.

The controls on this are extremely buggy, when you walk into a wall you have to button mash keys that don't make sense. When you hold down 1 key you keep walking in that direction but can't stop which makes this very hard to control.


I feel sort of offended that you only used the first like 10 seconds of my song but other than that pretty nice

Game doesn't load for me

It's probably just hiding somewhere, maybe go onto the buildings to see if you can find it.

Mmmmmm yes

Spicer than expansion?

i love the music

Technically that isn't a bug, If you shoot at or close to a red cube you still go to jail. Even though you can't see it due to my idiotic screen size calculations there are people in the sea.