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I've been checking for it on evenings for the last few days. Hyped up 🔥

New update is out!


  • extended story (a few more possible endings)
  • new sprites
  • new background scenes
  • new nsfw sprite (changed it a bit)
  • a few sounds

It's exactly what you need, when you are looking for character asset packs. Expressions, costumes, hair, everything is on the highest level. 

Suggestion: What about more hand gestures?

Q: Is it ok to use it for NSFW games (After editing it a bit)?

Hang Out Home NSFW Alpha 

Story tells about two classmates.  Beauty delinquent Akutsu Miko and otaku guy Oshima Minori. Akutsu never showed interest in her classmate until she met him on his way home. She forced Ooyama to take her with him. There she found many things, she could enjoy. That is how beautiful romance story beetween Akutsu and scared Oshima starts. Here, in Minori's room, where Akutsu likes to hang out.

Special thanks goes to Sutemo for providing free asset pack Female Character Sprite for Visual Novel

SFW Version of the game.

This NSFW version contains enjoyable (in all ways) extended story.

Note: all collected payments will go only on development, cause game is still in alpha. Future updates for the game will be out sooner for NSFW version.

P.S. I will try to update it as fast as I can