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Fun and addictive game. Great arsenal of weapons with satisfying particle effects. I like how the protagonist wears a mask. I ran out of weapons and wasn’t able to kill more viruses. I just had to escape the horde! Good work!


Such nice look and feel. The puzzle idea is unique, and surprisingly difficult. Good work!

Thanks for playing. Right, the instructions aren’t very clear. I could have elaborated on it a bit more in the description. Having short text with images/animations in the game itself would be optimal.

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I understand “fluid” is a bit ambiguous. I’ll try to be more specific. The opinions I write are merely my own, and the way I feel when playing. It does not mean what I say is correct by any means, so please take it with a grain of salt.

  1. The response it takes for the player to move when we click the arrows is a bit slow. It takes some time before the player get to full speed. Some more acceleration would help.
  2. The player glides a little too much for my taste when I want to suddenly move the opposite way. This is especially true when the player is mid-air.
  3. I thought I could climb the ladder if I kept holding the up arrow, but it didn’t work when I was moving forward at the same time (I had to release the left/right arrow to be able to climb the ladder.) I think this was the reason I wasn’t able to get the jumps right.

Cute animations, great gameplay (I wish I had a mouse with scroll wheel.) I also wish it was possible to throw away some of the ingredients you hold. One of my favorite games in this jam actually. Good work.

This game has interesting and unique mechanics, definitely something you can explore further. Being able to swap any bit made the game easy. I thought I could swap just neighbouring bits at first (I don’t know why I thought that,) but after level 3, I discovered how to swap any bit.

The game has a unique mechanic, and I like how you added a simple tutorial before each level. Looking forward top lay the next levels after the voting ends.

Raw graphics. Different food depending on the customers’ requests would make the game more challenging. Maybe you plan on adding more post-jam. The game fits the theme very well.

The controls are good because it’s easy to time the jump and runs. Looking forward to more levels

Difficult, but fun game. Would love to see even more levels. The controls were a bit too fluid for me, making it difficult to get the jumps right. I was only able to save 3 goos.

Snakes everywhere! I wanted to see the dinosaur, but never got that far. I kept falling under the tiles and got killed by snakes.

A well made game. I liked it. I didn’t like that the game forced me to align the skulls when there were no other choices, but it contributed to upping the difficulty, which I think was ok.

It’s so satisfying to cut the animals. It was a fun game to play. Good job.

I like the gameplay and graphics. When the egg was in the grass, hiding some of the power bar was a really nice touch. At first, I thought the grey dinosaur was an unplayable character :P Maybe some stronger saturated colors would help. Good job on the entry

Really cute game, and well done on the theme interpretation.

I can’t believe you were able to create all this in just 2 weeks, amazing. It’s a polished game already! I agree with the other comments about controlling the camera. It was a bit unusual to use the keyboard.

I love the art style, and it’s easy to understand where the meat is even when it’s off screen. It was fun to overcook the meat as well. Maybe some less saturated colors for background, and more saturated colors for what we can interact with would make it easier to understand the objective. I’m not sure, it was just a thought. I liked juggling the food. Good job on the entry.

Great title for this game and fits the theme well. I liked the gameplay, but I wish the jump could’ve used some more love. It felt like I was on the moon. Other than that, a fun and goofy experience.

What a great learning experience.

The animations are so fluid and nice. Fun game that took some time to get the hang of.

Thanks for playing. Maybe a better AI can make the game more fun, and maybe even beat the unstoppable Martian #17.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Better AI, and at least local multiplayer is something I want to add post-jam. Online multiplayer would be even cooler. It requires a lot more work, but definetely something I want to consider.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the comment. Yes, that’s something I want to add post-jam. Maybe one kan use the keyboard and one can use the mouse.

Login doesn’t work on, you’d have to access the link hosted on to login. Story mode (the second button) should still work. Please let me know if that button also doesn’t work.

It just feels really good to play this game. The fishes are full of life. The way the fish changes shape is really cool. Is it a ragdoll effect on them?

I’d love to have an option to turn the “CRT-screen” effect off. Then I’d be able to better see what’s going on, but that’s just a personal opinion. Great entry.

This looks like a cute version of Terraria. I wish I had more vision (light,) because it’s really dark (and scary when the monsters come,) but I think that’s intentional. The art, animation and sound is working well together. I think we can only move, mine, and kill enemies now, but I hope you will continue working on the entry post jam. Good job.

Great visuals, and user feedback. The game has a 100% win rate by just moving forward, but with some extra work on the AI, I think this could be a fun game. I love how you put the scoreboard above each player’s goal. Definitely something I want to copy to my own entry (post jam.)

Cute and fun game. I like the mechanics. A solid entry.

I like how the game gets more and more challenging and rewarding at the same time the further you explore the cave. Daily challenges using a seed for the level is a nice touch to keep players coming back for more exploring. Good job on the entry. Too bad the golden pickaxe didn’t work out, but the leader board works which is nice.

I like your tribute to VVVVVV. The mechanic is a good idea, but I felt really dizzy while playing it, especially the level with all the switches. I wonder if it would be possible to play the game if you kept the switches and gravitation changes, but didn’t rotate the canvas. I’d like to give that version a try as well. Good job on the entry!

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Simple, but surprisingly fun game. The art style and gameplay fits the theme well. I’m not sure how I can test the decentralized features. Do you have the game hosted elsewhere? It was a fun challenge trying to send the ball to Mars.

I love the animation of the birds, it’s so cute. I wish I could get to the upgrades faster :)

Surprisingly difficult. I would love to let the music continue when you die instead of starting over. Good job on this entry. Fits the theme well.

I love how well this game aligns with MPL. I’m personally not a super fan of football simulator games, but I think you’ve done a good job on this entry. The music and sound is also fitting. I feel like I’m actually playing a football game.

Do you call an actual API to get the drafted MPL characters? I tried to look in the network tab in the debug console, but I couldn’t find anything, so I was wondering if maybe you pre-fetched all characters and included them in the build.

Good work on this entry.

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What a great looking polished game. This is already something more than just a prototype. It’s a finished product. It’s also impressive that you were able to integrate a scoreboard on NEAR. A perfect way of using the blockchain.

I agree on some points from the other comments, that it’s a bit visually difficult to know if you clicked the board at the right time. However, the music in my opinion is well enough to make it work. I didn’t have any trouble hitting the board at the right time. Having a distinct note being played when the sushi hits the board is well enough to give accurate feedback. It lets you know if you hit the board at the right time. Good job.

I played through all levels, and I won’t give up before I get a perfect score on all levels! Great work.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. I also didn’t realize I had to combine some ingredients. I was able to play now. It was fun and really hectic. The customers aren’t patient at all :D

This game is a nice twist to what I think is inspired by “Into the Breach”. It’s looking really good, and I hope to see it being developed further.

This game is a nice twist to what I think is inspired by “Into the Breach”. It’s looking really good, and I hope to see it being developed further.

This game is a nice twist to what I think is inspired by “Into the Breach”. It’s looking really good, and I hope to see it being developed further.