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I like how the game changes color after you pick up the correct boxes.

I don’t like that the “jump” key changes after time, because it destroys the flow/pace of the game. Instead, you could introduce some boxes in the air as well, or maybe introduce some holes in the ground to increase the difficulty.

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I like the style of the game, and the take on the classic asteroids game. You have to really position yourself carefully and hit the targets strategically to win, very clever. The game also offer enough juice to make it fun, like the particle effects and the time-slow down when you die.

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The game is really polished. I like the puzzle mechanic and how it gets more and more difficult. The theme is also spot on.

I think it would be easier to understand the color-mixing if we used Newton’s color circle. For example, mixing blue and yellow to get green. The current color-mixing works, and I appreciate the legend in the top left corner. I think I will get used to the color-mixing after a couple of tries.

Good work on this game!

Thanks for the comment.

Not in the near future. I need to create AI first. I can add practice mode to play solo without bots though.

Thanks for the comment. I created a second, slightly improved version here:

Still not a complete game, and I felt the controls were a bit difficult. Please let me know if you create a version of your own.

The link to Discord is invalid do we have a different link?

Hi. I’m also participating in the js13kgames game jam, and I’m wondering if I’m allowed to take the same game, make changes to align with this jam’s theme, and submit it to this game jam too?

I updated my iOS to 16.5, and now I can see everything

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I played the game on mobile, and it runs really well. The controls are good and easy to use, even on a small screen (iPhone 12 mini.)

It’s an extremely well polished entry with a lot of juice. I like a game with juice. It makes it a lot more rewarding when playing. I definitely need to take notes for my own games to make them just as juicy. The only spice I’m missing is some sound effects. I’m digging the music, and could listen to it forever. Did you make the music yourself too?

I use Safari, and iPhone 12 mini, iOS 16.2. I can select other balls, and I can play the game, but the border and obstacles are missing. Maybe it’s my Safari version that doesn’t support something in Unity’s WebGl export? I have no idea.

Juice is good, and I absolutely need more juice in my own games!

I played this game on my iPhone, and it runs well, no lagging or issues. I like the glow effect when the ball hits the other balls, it’s a nice touch. Some more sound effects, music, and bounciness (when the ball hits anything) could help make the game feel more alive. Maybe it could be worth changing the gravity settings a bit as well? I feel like I’m playing golf on the moon :D

The foundation is good, and with a little bit more juice, the game can become extra fun. Good job on the game

Thanks for playing and for your honest opinion. Well noted on the leaderboard! I should probably have added a mechanism to save the score for non-wallet users from the beginning. Implementation wise, they can save their score right now, I just didn’t think about it, thanks for the comment.

The UI was added towards the end of the Jam, mostly for the user to navigate in the game. It could definitely have been done better. I made it entirely in HTML and CSS to save time, but I want change it to a more cohesive look later (if I decide to continue working on the game.)

I wasn’t sure if the AI-graphics helped or not to be honest. I added them mostly for the sake of the challenge, so I appreciate the feedback on that as well.

I’m happy to hear that you liked the gameplay.

You also gave me an idea of adding an “accuracy” mode, where the goal is to throw a limited pool of balls, and get as many points as possible. For example having 20 balls, and try to score 20/20

Thanks for playing. That’s a good idea! Thanks for mentioning it. I can experiment with the idea post jam.

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I tried to play the game on my iPhone first, but the game keeps reloading when I try to start the game, and the animations were laggy (maybe my phone is too old.)

I tried it on Desktop as well without any troubles. The game is very relaxing and good looking game. I also agree that having some transparency on the trees in the foreground would help with the gameplay. Or maybe just replace the trees with some stones instead could work. The atmosphere is really good. low-fi, relaxing music, and the skateboard sound is also really good. The aesthetics is beautiful. I would love to see the game getting more and more difficult over time to make it more competitive.

I didn’t know I got stars from jumping over obstacles, and I realized that by accident after 160 meters.

Overall a good entry!

I tried to play it on iPhone at first, but I cannot see the obstacles (see screenshot.)

I did play it on Desktop as well, and the game has a lot of juice. Nice particle effects, sound effects and animations. The style is clean and coherent. The game is good at building tension.

It took a while before I understood I could touch and drag the ball again to send it in a different direction only after I collected a crystal. Once I knew that, I was able to score some more points. Good work on the entry!

I played the game on mobile. The game is easy to get into, and it gets more and more difficult over time. The animations are nice and the targets makes it more engaging for people who really want to get the best score possible. It’s a bit difficult to know if you have passed an obstacle or not, and I sometimes hit obstacles on the side (because I thought I passed them already, but in fact didn’t.) I like that we can change the skin of our skiis. Playing sound effects when hitting targets would help make the game feel even more rewarding.

The scoreboard and sound/sfx settings doesn’t seem to work (or maybe not implemented yet,) but that doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay itself, which is a good thing. Good job on the entry

I see we used the same AI to create background music!

I played the game on mobile. The UI is stunning. I really like the buttons and the style of the game. The controls are easy to use, the animations are nice, and the crystals makes the game more engaging. I wish we got a hint as to where the ball comes from before it enters the doge ball court. A small glimpse, or some flashing lights or anything, because if I unfortunately stay close to the border where the ball comes from, I will die without warning.

The game has good potential. I think it can be a good game with the planned in-game store plus leaderboards (with web3.) Good job on the entry!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I’m happy you enjoyed playing it.

I thought you only hosted game jams, not participated in them :D

I played the game on mobile, and it runs very well. It has juice and nice animations. I like how «hatrick» is the name of the game, it’s a fun interpretation of the theme. The game itself is fun, though as you mention, the controls are a bit difficult. I did play the gane many times, because I wanted to get a better score, so the game loop and positive feedback loop is a solid foundation. I was actually able to catch 3 hats in one jump. It would feel extra rewarding if I got more points for a combo!

I think it could be fun to experiment with the idea to drag the finger to determine how high he jumps. The gameplay will probably be very different from what you have, but it’s just a thought. Good job on the entry!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. The game was made mainly for mobile, but the mouse aim could certainly be improved.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

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Same here. I also tried leaving the Discord server, and re-join through this URL: , but I don’t have the “Game.Jammer” role.

Thanks for the explanation. That’s what I thought it meant, and I believe I tried to click the clock for all the different hours of the day (without thinking about the minutes and seconds,) but the enigma was never solved. Maybe I did something wrong

Thanks for playing and the feedback. I like the idea of having the game more hardcore like meatboy. I wanted to keep the game relaxed and chill, but maybe a completely different direction is a good idea.

Nice game to learn the clock. I wish the game difficulty increased over time. Maybe add more digital and analog clocks for each level?

It happened in the first era

I had my doubts when I saw this was an RPG maker game, but oh boy was I wrong. It’s a really creative take on how to use RPG-maker, and you’ve done a good job connecting the theme, solving puzzles combining the present and the future. I want more puzzles like the first one with plants. I personally didn’t like the potion mix puzzle, because it’s more about memory. I think this game is well made, good job.

Fun casual game that I think can work well on mobile. I like that the jump height is higher the longer you press the mouse button. The collisions may need to be fixed, because I sometimes lost lives without hitting anything.

Fun puzzle game. I like that the timer doesn’t run out, but instead ticks, because I like taking my time when doing puzzles.

I think the art style is good, but I don’t like the background moving, it made me slightly dizzy.

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Really well done, especially considering having used html for only a month. The game has a tutorial (instructions on how to play,) a story, a character with feelings, increasing difficulty and maybe alternative endings based on the game-over screen

Some few minor improvement points

  • Use a more subtle sound for the ticking clock in-game. The current one is loud and harsh (I thought a huge monster was approaching me)
  • some spooky background music would be nice.

Nice pixel art on the ship. I think the play is casual and easy to get into.

Fun survivor game, but I wish the gun reloaded more quickly. I didn’t get past the first wave of enemies.

Flappy bird, but with a helicopter. Fun little game that gets you as frustrated as playing flappy bird (which is a good thing.) I think the random spawns could have been better places, because sometimes the clock is stuck in a wall.