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John o'Connell

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Get Out! is a classic jrpg adventure game where you must find a way out from a mysterious maze. 

You don't have any memories on how you get here, you just have your sword and your strength!

Can you escape?

Get Out is a simple and fast game I made in a couple of weeks on my free time. It's not a big project but I really like the idea and the game mechanics. It's simple, clean, fast and easy to learn. Let me know how much time it takes you to get out from the maze and if you find any bug in the game. 

Thanks in advance to everyone who plays it.

A big thank you to "The UnproPro" for the amazing box art.  You will find more here

Hi! Great work, I will use it in the project I'm currently working on, obviusly I will credit you. The name "black_canvas" is good for you?

Thanks for the review and for playing the game. So you suggest that the game could have been more interesting with some sort of mini-games based on surviving on the space station? I thought about some stuff but wasn't able to made it. Like I was thinking about a food and water bar. Are you thinking about stuff like this?

I wanted to try id and I was interested in export games for multiple platforms. Do you have any experience with it?

Thank you very much! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.

Meet John o'Connell.

He's 87. 

He can't remember much about his life.

Right now he is looking for some diaries he wrote when he was young, hoping that they may help him finding the truth about his life. His memories are messed up, he remember his wife, he remember his house and his work. But he cannot remember how he met her. How he got that job. 


Everything is in the diaries. He must find them and you have to help him. 

Life and Times of John o'Connell is a short game about the life of an old writer, who lives alone in his house. He can't remember his life so he must find some diaries he wrote when he was younger to find out what happened and why he can't remember anything. If you liked other game I made such as Days Alone or The White Room you should try this one.

The game will take about half an hour to finish and it's made with RPGMAKER MV. The soundtrack is completely composed by me, like many other game I made. If anyone is interested in the soundtrack to use it in one of your work, you can contact me here on Itch so we can talk. 

Find out more at

Pretty much, about 15 minutes, a short story but I think it will turn out as I was planning so I'm pretty satisfied with it.

It's about an old man who is trying to remember all the things that happened in his life but he can't remember, so there are some clues in his house and he must find them.

Thank you so much, tried my best to make this interesting with only one map. Usually the story in my games is the most important part.

Played your "what is a game", really simple yet really motivating. Played your "d-pic" and it was hilarious. Right now i'm downloading Flag Simulator, I'll let you know after I played it. 

Keep it up, I'm planning on release a new game before the end of this month. Right now I'm stucked on the last song of the game.

Thanks Jupiter! Saw the video and the channel, nice work ! :)
Thanks for playing it :)

Thanks for playing it!
Do you think it's too difficult? Maybe you can get back to the city, I've put some potions even in some chests in the temple.

I've found a couple of interesting links but hadn't had a chance to try something, what do you think about it?


Sorry if it always takes me so long to respond. Pretty busy at work these days. If you don't mind I prefer to wait a little bit until I'm more free because I'm actually really interested in how this conversion works and I want to see it in details. If it's a problem for you, don't worry I will try by myself to port it

I'm working on another project right now. And it's keeping me pretty busy.  When I'll buy MV, can I ask you for some help? specially with the graphics.

Sooner or later I will switch to MV. Still haven't decided when. You're actually giving me a good idea, I never though about porting this to MV. Have you ever done a porting like this before?

Thank you very much will watch the video.

Once again, thanks. You've played every game I have made so far! I hope to release another game this summer.

Of course I remember you. Thank you so much for playing my games. I watched the entire video, thanks for all your support :)

Thanks for playing my game. You actually understood everything about the meaning of the game. This is something I really care about, that people understand what is the point behind the story of the game and not just playing it. I really appreciated your video and what you said in the end. Thanks man.

Thanks for playing. I really appreciate that you get the point about making it in only one room, it was one of the most important things of the game.

Thanks again for your video!

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Sorry if I'm responding just now. I'm very sorry about this. I'm looking for a solution to this problem. Basically, for what I'm reading online, to play this kind of game, made with RPGMaker XP, you have to download and install RPGMXP. Now I've found another way to include the data in the game. I'm uploading a new version of the game that hopefully will work even if you don't have RPGmaker XP installed.

Again, sorry about this, and thank you so much for telling me about this.

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The White Room is a short game made with RPG Maker XP that I started making a long time ago but never finished. Now that I finally finished it I want to share this little mystery game.

The entire soundtrack is composed by me and the game take about ten minutes to finish.

Let me know if you find any bugs and what you think about this game.

Tried the game, the mechanics is really cool and overall it is so damn fun to play. Really nice job. And those guitar riffs are great!

that is looking pretty fun to play once it'll be finished.
Keep it up!

This is actually a good idea.

I'm not from USA at all, i'm from Italy and i will try to make a game for this cool theme with RPGMaker VX.