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I’ve been having trouble with doing this and uploading for a while

There is actually music too

Sorry it broke while uploading

thx everyone will try

a chat room for questions.

when I upload to with gamemaker 2 it's a .zip file but when I put it in , it says after uploading that it needs to be an .html5 file but I can't find a way to convert please help. Thank You.

please help

I accidentally dragged the bar that has sprite, room ect. its long gone so I can't undo it. Is there any other way to bring that bar back? iv'e been working for hours so I'd hate to restart. Thanks.

looks fun tho

I think since I'm on Mac nobody can play it cause, WHO USES A MAC i do

plz for Mac

I use gms2

and nub

i'm lonely too

great job! good luck