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Johnny Law

A member registered Apr 24, 2016

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And I think there's still an issue w/ flying and swimming monsters not spawning in non-tourism mode. I haven't tried it but just from code inspection it looks like they are always killed off regardless.

Another bug report (sort of). If a player inadvertently changes their weapon to axe, like by hitting their mouse scroll wheel, it can seem mysterious why the boomstick stops working since there is no HUD. Might want to disable weapon-switch impulses in tourism mode.

(2 edits)

One more thing that may need doing in that modification, if a monster death is required to trigger something to enable advancement. To be safe I should probably make sure that code like the last few lines of monster_death_use gets invoked for all the ghosts (and then maybe NOT do that part of monster_death_use when it actually dies). Will get back to poking around at that soon.

Edit: E4M7 is a nice test case (the vores at the end). Made a couple of changes so that that map is completable.

Edit 2: Checked that all maps are completable.

Having fun poking around with this! If you're interested in providing an option for visible (noninteractive) monsters BTW, I've been running this mod with a small change to make that choice available:

(also a couple of bugfixes in there I think, to make sure that flying/swimming monsters spawn correctly when tourism is disabled)