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Did you talk to all the nobodies? That helps a lot!

Yeah, I stuck to it for a few months before taking a break, have been trying to get back on the wagon but life is busyyyyy!


In an effort to push myself to better keep up with my GAME A WEEK schedule, I'll be submitting to this!

Looks super cool! :D

I love the platform and would love to help make it better!

A customizable, forum-wide emoji set would be sweet. I particularly like the way the Slack emoji system works.

Feedback/reactions/playtesting are super helpful and a great way to get actual dialog going as opposed to just having everyone market themselves to each other!

Hello everyone, I'm John Bujalski! I live in Brooklyn and I like to make games and other digital artstuffs.

I am currently working on a project called GAME A WEEK where I force myself to make a game every week! I mostly make short, strange experiences in Construct 2.

I am pretty excited about this community, since seems to currently be the place where the all the most interesting stuff in indie games gets started now! So hopefully this will be a diverse, vibrant, and interesting community!