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John Bujalski

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Did you talk to all the nobodies? That helps a lot!

I would love for the itch jam to be its own unique thing mechanically, that is, to behave differently from other jams. So I'm down with the ideas that make it different, like everyone getting different themes from a bunch of themes that got suggested/upvoted, or the anonymous idea. Perhaps each itch jam could have a new radical change to how the jam functions? I'm excited!

Why not just have the theme that the user was given put on their game page? I mean, there's other reasons why the "everyone gets their own theme" idea might not be the best, but I don't think it's not viable.

I really like this idea. Perhaps each user could have a randomly generated pseudonym?

The only problem is that a lot of people like to stream/tweet/blog/etc about their development process, and this would make that pretty much impossible. But, it would definitely make the itch jam much different from LD, which I'd see as a good thing.

Yeah, I stuck to it for a few months before taking a break, have been trying to get back on the wagon but life is busyyyyy!


In an effort to push myself to better keep up with my GAME A WEEK schedule, I'll be submitting to this!

Looks super cool! :D

I love the itch.io platform and would love to help make it better!

A customizable, forum-wide emoji set would be sweet. I particularly like the way the Slack emoji system works.

Feedback/reactions/playtesting are super helpful and a great way to get actual dialog going as opposed to just having everyone market themselves to each other!

Hello everyone, I'm John Bujalski! I live in Brooklyn and I like to make games and other digital artstuffs.

I am currently working on a project called GAME A WEEK where I force myself to make a game every week! I mostly make short, strange experiences in Construct 2.

I am pretty excited about this community, since itch.io seems to currently be the place where the all the most interesting stuff in indie games gets started now! So hopefully this will be a diverse, vibrant, and interesting community!