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A member registered Nov 04, 2016

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I really like this ELO ranking but it's true that draws are very common. You really feel that players reverse engineer AIs and given enough time, everybody will have the same AIs on several maps (it's already like this for circle et mind game). In french: nivellement par le haut. The global level is crazy.

I believe it's too much change. In order to keep current players and gain more, you should make sure past AIs are not to be thrown away every update (unless you want to continue in alpha). One solution could be another league dedicated to these new rules you imagined.

It has been quite an ordeal to keep being top 5 with recent repetitive changes (maybe 3~4 hours every day). But keep in mind that the game is awesome, changes are welcome (if not too big) and there will always be some criticism that you need to keep your distance from.

I rewrote everything at every update:

  • First, assault was the only bot
  • Second, shotgun was overpowered and I only used it
  • Third, it was the snipers for one or two days I think (5.1)
  • Finally, bots are very well balanced except assault (5.2)

So now: when you start close to the enemy, use machine guns, and when he's far use a combination of machine guns and sniper. But this last one is difficult: too many snipers lose against shotguns. This morning I took advantage of the sniper trend, I went full shotgun for 4 or 5 games and won them all, but it was very risky.

I have to say: I'm amazed at the level in the top 30 league 4. You guys really made it difficult to reach the top 3.

Also: split team is my nightmare.

Yes, it's nice to play with new maps. But it's a little bit simple. I chose to play it with 2 machine guns and it works very well. My favourite maps: neighbour fight, circle of death, set your priorities and seven wonders.

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Yes I saw that a few minutes ago. Will try to work it out ^^ Nice challenge. This is what I love about the game: whatever you do, someone will come up with an idea to defeat you and then you improve and the others improve too, never ending circle and many surprises ^^

This is what is said at the beginning of the topic. It'll be fixed and you can avoid it with some tricks in the meantime.

Thanks. I played some new games already. The balance is much better (and I lose a lot, -68 with 2 games lost but I won't give up ^^).

Cool ! Thanks a lot ! The update is very good anyway ^^

So I made some AIs for Back2Back that can actually wins with the update (slower shotgun) but there are still fast shotguns in the pending matches :-( In the draw I lost 6 points to NTK who is sixth of league 4.

can you do that for other players as well ?

the problem was interference because it'll always be a draw and you lose points when you're high ranked.

It's also on back to back and ambidextrous, but now with 5.1 i think it can be possible to win with good AIs.

A new challenge awaits... Will it be the end of the shotgun rush ? Let's see tonight ^^

@ntk: the first gif is about pushing. In the second gif i have an AI which have no delay after it secures the ressource in the base, it goes immediately catch another ressource whereas 'normal' AIs have a slight delay.

I'm not willing to reveal this AI anymore (except to GFX of course) since i lost my rank :-)

I don't get it myself anyway and can't (and won't) exploit it.

The delay was exactly the same for white and red. Then the white win 100% of times.

Sure but please don't post it in public. I don't see how to send a private message on this site, how do you want me to send it to you ?

I just saw that ! This is cool ^^ I suppose it is because the tree is very small and simple (3 conditions, 3 actions, no attack).

Yeah, this is awesome. This player is very good. I just saw another move from him that I didn't expect. I found out how to do this but still it requires some time, imagination and good preparation.

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I couldn't agree more: this is the biggest issue. Solutions:

  1. Let us choose maps
  2. Always have an odd number of ressources
  3. Auto-defeat (some players always leave these maps)
Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

GFX47, amazing work !! The random map system forced me to play the "best score" maps instead of "kill them all" and it's quite fun. Right now i'm too afraid to play more since i made it to league 2 and i'm still at 100% success (5 matches lol). Shotgun looks weak but I only did a few tests. I didn't check if these features had been requested but here are 2 requests from me:

  • to be able to select an AI for all the bots at once (to do it for each of the nine bots in Circle of Death is quite long and not easy on a phone)
  • to be able to align the trees automatically on the grid for people like me with a slight OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), i'm sure (i hope) i'm not the only one who need those nodes perfectly placed and aligned on the grid...
Anyway the game is really fantastic, will donate soon.