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It's pretty system agnostic. I didn't make it with anything but the osr in mind.

Love this.

I'll expand on this question in the first dev log, but no! The spirituality will focus more on divination. Asking questions and getting cryptic answers. Reaching beyond and seeing outside of the world. 

Yup! we're working on it now.

What kind of update are you looking for? There are no planned expansions to it at this point but the jam we ran had a lot of great entries!

2 or more.

You don't really need dice, it's just recommended to have d20's to use as counters. You can play with any number of players and a GM if you want to. The game assumes you'll use the tables in the book to generate problems and negotiate with a GM to solve them.

Gordie continues to make some of the most beautiful spreads in the game. Each game is like a miniature artbook packed with stuff that you can't tell if it's original, repurposed, or what. This game, like the others, has its own vibe, voice, and style but yet still reads like a Gordie game.

Go check it out. Be inspired!

If you make a game in unity, then heck yeah. Go wild.

That would be amazing! How can I help you with it?

This. Rocks.

this itch page is beautiful and makes me jealous lmao

I'll get that sent over to you today!

Not yet! Might add one in the first big update.

Hey! I'd love to. What would you need from me to help get it done?

This is a beautiful experience.

This is a ready-to-use location that'll fit snug in your game.

You should write up an adventure or something and post it on itch!

Yeah, I think Pika is my favorite so far. I hope to be able to do the gen II pokemon soon.

In like Gen IV or something. I gotta finish Gen I first lmao.

This is the most wholesome adventure you'll find. It's truly lovely.

You are by far the strangest creator I've known and I love every second of it.

This was the right amount of melancholic for me. It's a real downer and sometimes you need an adventure that's just like emotionally draining. I love it.

This is horrifying and I love it lmao


I love these! I will def be using them in my games.

What a great adventure. Really nails the aesthetic with a perfect blend of strange-horror and goofy-reality. Spot on.

A very beautiful and interesting game. Perfect for some discord calls or chats with a few creative folks. Come out the other side with some stories to tell.

I'm immensely jealous of this game. I wish it didn't exist so that I could make it instead. It's really good.

monster manual page number. for dnd.

Huh, you should be able to edit your purchase and add it. I added a field for addresses to be put in. 

But! If it doesn't let you do that, please DM me on twitter with a screenshot of your purchase and your address and we'll get it going : )

I haven't finished reading yet, but so far this game looks like a great improvisational party game.

I really appreciated the personal touch this game has. It feels like it would be a great game to play on a date. Intimate, cute, and a total blast.

The mechanics of this game are so easy to get behind, and the roll-tables make it a joy to read. Can't wait to run this.

Lovely game with mechanics that are inspiring. I totally get the vibe you were going for from your references (House of Leaves, etc.). Good job!

The art for this game is wonderful and I really see the potential to expand this into something bigger. The rules are simple and sweet and allow for strategy and fun moments of uncertainty.

Just bought and read this game. Feels like it could make for a great party game whenever we're all able to gather together again. But even online, let the accusations fly!