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Hey y'all, the reason it says that is cause the pdf is 15 bucks. Itch isn't the most clear with this, but it says it on the page under the "download now" option. 

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The Alpha Playtest is set up in gdocs and that means you can save your own copy but also that you can leave comments if you have something to say!

Keep your eyes here over the next week as I release the alpha version of .dungeon//remastered. It's coming in at 69 (nice) pages, so! It's much more packed than the previous version. This is going to be the biggest project I'll probably ever do. So, this is both a monumental task and one that I love dearly. Hope you end up enjoying.

Spencer did a great video called "Lilancholy in 5 Minutes!" 

The Awards!

.dungeon in 5 minutes! 

my introduction to the game: 

music to listen to while playing: 

The game is actually played page by page, so yes!

The intended experience is to make it last as long as you can, knowing it's going to end anyways. Sorry if that's an "artsy fartsy" answer or something, but it's true. I have no way of knowing how long a group of players could keep it going. And I think that's the fun of it. 

That's what I've been doing but it apparently wasn't working. Try this one:

ughhh idk what I'm doing wrong then haha

Should work now!

Updated the link so that it won't expire!

Watch the trailer for lilancholy here!

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If you're interested in being in some playtests, or just in being in some .dungeon//remastered games, joint he discord! I'll be trying to run some this month and next month.

I think most things are p easy to convert to Troika!, and also most 5e stats are available for free online. It'd just be about what kind of game you wanna run.

I reviewed Liminal Horror over on Go check it out.

Yes, we're working on one with some edits!

Hm, I'm not sure. If you email me I can send it that way.

Updated again. Added the backtracking mechanic to the entire book and continued to update the text to match with the printed book.

I've updated a lot of the text of this project to match with the edited/expanded print version. Including updates to the timeline, to some statblocks, and to a lot of the unfinished/barely-finished rooms that originally populated the dungeon. 

Secondly, I've added the backtracking mechanic to the Garden. Meaning that if you back track to a room you have already visited, there is a 1/20 chance of the text being different, stating that the Sphinx is there. So that's fun. 

Goals for the rest of the month:

  • Update the rest of the text
  • Add the Stain Mechanic to the book so you can keep track as you click around
  • Add some more complex things (but idk yet)

I'll have to check those out. Thanks for the recs.

Hey! Thanks. Feel like I haven't see you around as often haha But no, I haven't read Lesser Known Monsters. I'm gonna have to check it out.


That sounds like an exciting seed for an adventure!

Lovely game. I wrote a full review of it here:

I think had some copies? But I only did a limited print run a long while ago so I'm not sure if there's any circulating anymore.

I'm waiting on the poster art that'll come with the book, but after that I'll be able to print. I'm aiming for late June early July for shipping. Depends on the printers though. I make a monthly post on the blog and I update everyone on projects there.

Physical edition of this adventure is being crowdfunded over on! Go check it out and secure your copy.

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to let you know that I've been hard at work on the layout for a physical version of the Sun King's Palace. It'll have some edited text, some art, and a big poster-map for the dungeon to make reading/navigating easier. 

I'll let y'all know when you can buy them.

Thanks for exploring with me so far.

This month! Most likely towards the end of this week.

This is the single most exciting thing for TTRPGS that I've seen in a very long time. It makes me want to learn Unity. It makes me have so many ideas. BEAUTIFUL.

Hey! We did a big update/crowdfunding in january and the new pdf will be finalized and uploaded here by the end of the month. There'll be an email that'll go out to let you know what's up.

email me at

Hey, I'm unsure of if there will be one at this time. Any updates will be announced on my Twitter tho

Soul Muppet isn't my shop so there's nothing I can do. They only have copies of the first edition, the newest edition is only at for now.

Probably sometime in March. Currently prepping for a move.

Right now, yeah. I hope to get some copies to Canadian stores after printing, but right now nothing is set.