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I think had some copies? But I only did a limited print run a long while ago so I'm not sure if there's any circulating anymore.

I'm waiting on the poster art that'll come with the book, but after that I'll be able to print. I'm aiming for late June early July for shipping. Depends on the printers though. I make a monthly post on the blog and I update everyone on projects there.

Physical edition of this adventure is being crowdfunded over on! Go check it out and secure your copy.

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to let you know that I've been hard at work on the layout for a physical version of the Sun King's Palace. It'll have some edited text, some art, and a big poster-map for the dungeon to make reading/navigating easier. 

I'll let y'all know when you can buy them.

Thanks for exploring with me so far.

This month! Most likely towards the end of this week.

This is the single most exciting thing for TTRPGS that I've seen in a very long time. It makes me want to learn Unity. It makes me have so many ideas. BEAUTIFUL.

Hey! We did a big update/crowdfunding in january and the new pdf will be finalized and uploaded here by the end of the month. There'll be an email that'll go out to let you know what's up.

email me at

Hey, I'm unsure of if there will be one at this time. Any updates will be announced on my Twitter tho

Soul Muppet isn't my shop so there's nothing I can do. They only have copies of the first edition, the newest edition is only at for now.

Probably sometime in March. Currently prepping for a move.

Right now, yeah. I hope to get some copies to Canadian stores after printing, but right now nothing is set.

Hey Jakob, you can email me at 

All purchases on will get you a pdf

Ghostwriter to format the text and then pandoc to do the exporting. 

PDF sales go towards funding and you can select just a pdf.

And yeah, first edition will still be available. I'm sorting all of that out and will have a dedicated page for the Second Edition most likely. I'm not sure how to do it yet haha But i'll make sure everyone who bought the first edition will still be able to get it!

It'll be available again when the crowdfunding is complete. Doing final edits and such on the new edition and then will update the page.

Sometime in 2022.

I've never had that problem opening. I use edge for my pdfs, but idk why acrobat would have that issue. I'll look into it.




This is the place for you to put your thoughts and ideas on optimizing navigation and making this dungeon easier to run.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO but if you are one of those folks that cannot help but notice and point out spelling errors, feel free to put them here. One of the first goals of funding for this project is to hire an editor.

There's been a game running online in the discord for a few months!

I don't have Game of the Year bundles out of the U.S. sorry. Maybe in the future when I can make a legit boxed set, but for now the logistics would be a nightmare.

You can go to where we're having an end of the year deal that includes the physical copy of everything released for .dungeon so far. Anything bought on will be pdf-only.

You go up the inventory, crossing off the lowest and working your way up. Double means doubles. Matching dice.

You can run monsters however you like, but I have them use the initiative system. Just roll a dice for what they want to do and see how low they get.

This was hilarious and spooky. I'd play a longer version.

Click the photo.

There's not much I can do about that, apologies. My website isn't really connected to itch in any tangible way. But hey, I'll have copies whenever.

Buying the physical copy will get you the pdf!

Yeah definitely. I've posted them on our discord but you can also grab them here:

The thing I use for pdf's on the website doesn't let me attach multiple pdfs haha

That's because it's plain text. The tables don't translate well so there's not really a good way to do it that a screen reader will pick up (from my understanding). I'd be happy to work on something better for it if I learn new information.

That is so strange. On my indesign doc the eco/darksider are different. I s2g this program screws with me on purpose sometimes.