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John Madness

A member registered Aug 04, 2019

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Great game, like always !

Hum, I'm curious about how you proceed for translate it. I'm french, and already worked at professional translator when I lived in Berlin, so maybe I can help for the french version if you explain me how that's work ?
That's my way for thanskfull for all this games you made. So, if you l'r interested by, just reply me, ok?
In all case, thanks again.

Very good, very nice work on artwork too.

I look forward to see a more big project.

Hi, I try to install the android update but each time, with the 4 different link, that's doesn't work. When I finish the download, the system says problems are detected in package and canceled the install.


Hi, I'm curious, what tools did you use for the Chara design ?

Well done, I buy it for support your great work.

Now just hope you also publish the other games on Switch.

A new (busy) member in your club !