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Awwwesomee :D 

Just watched it heheh :D you're claiming to be "rhythmically challenged" but i've seen much much worse!! thanks again for the feedback/rating 

Hello ! thanks for the feedback, The thing is it shouldn't be so hard because It's made in one scale ,  you can just play the melody side going up or down from Z to E and matching that with the backing drum track! That would be a good way to start practicing being in rhythm without worrying about ur right hand and arrow keys ! 

AND YES whenever i have time i will definitely work on this adding different types of game modes and whatever I could think of (or gets thrown at me as idea :D)

:D happy you enjoyed it

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LOVED IT! the musics awesome , the ideas great, the way the notes randomly hit eachother to generate different melodies definitely gets me :D its not hard at all if  you use two hands! finished it in a few minutes  great job! (edit:Ok so i played it again and the secret technique to it is u have to nod your head while playing)

Thank you for the feedback glad you liked it :D

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Yeh i know Its from the Hiten Mitsurugi technique haha! maybe then a screenshake or something or blood from the enemies i dunno just my thought about it needing to be more dramatic in a way when u get an enemy! (orrr just as another person here said an unsheathing sound? i suppose that could give us a feel as well :D)

Glad you enjoyed it! Im very happy to hear this feedback :D :D will check out your submission here in a bit & rate it as well!

Love it ! everythings great about i would just like to see it being more dramatic when he blocks/attacks so just more animations not just unsheathing the blade! 

The idea is great but at the moment we basically just spam click the controls and not much is happening i guess you still have time to accomplish what you wanted though!

thank youuu for the kind words!!!!!

yessss! the music is sick takes me back to the days i listened to burzum!

Awesome! music & theme spot on!