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Joe Wintergreen

A member registered 2 years ago

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Thanks! Looks like you've got plans to address most of my issues :D

I'd have no issue with every mesh getting quadrangulated when you select it and tri'd again when you deselect, but I have no idea how hard that is :P

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Another thing I'd love to be able to do that I don't think I can yet? Is handle insets/extrusions for multiple faces without them all extruding/insetting from the same point. I think in Maya this is the "keep faces together" toggle or something?

Video of what happens now:


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This is really rad (better than Epic's own upcoming geo tools at the moment) but I've got some requests/questions (maybe some of these requests are already in and I can't find 'em):

-Ability to bevel edges would be nice?

-When I'm in face mode, is there an easier way to switch objects? It seems like right now I have to switch out of face mode and into object mode to select a new object; and 0 being the hotkey for that makes it more difficult than it should be

-Is there a way to quadrangulate a mesh? UE4's upcoming geo tools have this, and it's really nice because as a level designer you generally don't want to work with tris.

-Add divisions/tessellate? I'd like to be able to select a plane and hit a button to divide it into smaller planes.

-Cut face? Haven't found this yet either.

-An auto-sew for texturing would be awesome, like in Hammer or Probuilder - basically some way to quickly and easily continue a texture around a surface. In Hammer it's select a face, alt-right-click another face and the texture wraps nicely onto the new one. Example vid: https://twitter.com/joewinterg...

Really great work <3