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i enjoyed this a lot !!! :- )

the good stuff


overlays - i want to sketch out the arc of my animation on an overlay layer that doesn't affect any of the actual animation frames. this would kind of function like an onion skin guide that's always there and can be toggled on and off

select multiple frames - shift-click and ctrl-click don't seem to work on the timeline. for making longer animations it'd be lovely to have tools to select multiple frames so that i can move multiple, delete multiple, or duplicate multiple without having to do it frame by frame

frame drag - my quality of life would skyrocket if i could middle mouse/right click hold to drag a frame's position in the timeline. this is another time saving issue that pops up when working on longer animations

thank you :- )

aaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!! the gHOSTS

here are my coins! i secretly haven't made any cards yet hahahahhh

KOWAXYCOIN community · Created a new topic post pics!!

i wanna see your coins and your cards!! :- )

post pictures of what you made here <3

it will be a game in the mid-future ... eventually :- )