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Johnny Ginard

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Yeah, couldn't agree more! This was as a prototype for PC and tested with some kids hehe

Yes! I made it to practice using the SDL library with C++! :P

Yes! ^^ I'm combining two of my favorite games (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild + Call of Duty Zombies) to make something special that has a unique combo: RPG + Survival! :D

Thank you man! :D

Hi! Nope, it's for Android devices only, but it's from a couple years ago so it doesn't latest Android Operative Systems. What OS version do you have?

Hey, not bad for the first tries! I must say... I actually cheated a bit cause I'm the developer! :P

Hints: Slice buildings vertically, slice the bottom parts and always USE the bomb when it's available! ^-^/


Hey there! :D

I'm currently working on Project Utopia a survival in which every day is different! A virus has spread worldwide and you are the only member of your family who is immune to this virus. In order to survive you must provide resources for your family members every day fighting your way through waves of mutant skeletons.  BUT every day will be completely different! :P (SPOILER: different enemies, weather, light, resources, snow?, etc..) :p

I will be helding a free beta in no time! :DDD

Follow me here on itchio or wherever you want to stay tuned for updates! ^_^

Game page:

My Itchio:

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Other social media at @johnnyginard

I did 14K! hehe :P

Thank you Sevvas! :D

Thank you! I was learning to model, but wanted to make a big scenario so decided to model a chair and make a cinema! :P

Grazie mille, amico! Ho fatto un sacco di sforzi! :D

Awesome! :D

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Hey PigeonMan! If you give me a few chickens I'll think about it... :)

My pleasure! For any problem, here I am! ^-^/

Hey tinotrivino! There seems to have been a problem, but it's fixed. You can download it now either for Windows or Linux. Have a good day! :D

Very cool, coop game! hehe very funny