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Can you please fix the window size? That's honestly the only problem with this game, the fact that the window exceeds my computer screen. Why isn't it resizable?

This is actually pretty solid for a Galimulator clone. I think though, what this could use is the option to resize the window, and some kind of dialogue boxes that explain what each galaxy is doing, whether it be something simple like "X is traveling to Y" or something, ya know? But otherwise, I would say, this is pretty good. There's a lot of potential here for this to become something amazing.

Can y'all please export this to an EXE game? That way I don't have to play this in my browser.

This game is rather interesting, I like the fact that you create the world as you play it, at the same time though, not sure why we can't just connect to people through direct IP as opposed to using a server that might shut down.

So I've been fiddling around with this for quite some time, and to be honest, there isn't much to say about it. It handles physics really well, and its an interesting "tool" or concept to mess around with. Only problem is... it leaves you wanting something to actually do, something to aim towards. In other words, aside from having no clear "goal" in mind, at the very least, its a neat idea for building structures and ideas.

This... is absolutely amazing. Like, wow... I'm actually rather speechless. There is an absurd amount of stuff you can do in this game/engine/maker, its actually quite addictive.

Oh yeah, this screams "serious potential". Like, I'll be honest here, there aren't many games that captivate the "marble" community, and the ones that do, are suffering from a severe problem... which is that they hog your system's CPU and cause all sorts of issues. But this, ya know... there's something here. Sure, at the moment (and probably forever), its just a marble maze game, but with enough effort, someone could essentially make things like Pachinko or a Pinball machine with this. If anything, the concept is great, the gameplay is smooth, a few blind spots, but fantastic experience overall.

This is very much something that intrigues me, unfortunately, it is a prototype, so there are bugs and issues that will never be resolved. But there is definitely something here for people to expand upon.

This is rather interesting, so basically... this is a "Catherine" puzzle maker... more or less. Not too shabby. There is definitely something here worth looking at, but I do feel that it does need to be a bit more polished. Overall, this has a LOT of potential to be something remarkable.

Honestly, not bad. Kind of wish there was a level maker/editor function, but overall, the concept is great. Lots of potential here for making more with it, such as a Pachinko machine.

I can honestly say, this is exactly what I expected from a Sokoban "maker". Its simple, it does what it needs to do, and you don't need to fiddle around with extra bullcrap, just to make something. "Engines" or "Makers" like these, are worth more than people give them credit for, because lets be honest... after a while, buying an official game, that has a limited number of levels... kind of sucks. Being able to have an INFINITE source of levels = worth every penny.

So to the creator... thank you. You did what was set out to be done, and didn't BS around with unimportant matters. Much respect, and I do hope that people will come to appreciate this as much as I do.

There's a lot of potential here for something more, but I do feel, at the very least, more building options are certainly needed to give this a full experience. Otherwise, this is good overall.

Okay, this is actually insanely clever. The fact that it accounts for people building impossible to beat levels and forces the builder to make to make something TOUGH but BEATABLE, makes this immediately worthwhile. Its basically like a overly simplified version of Super Mario Maker, just without any like... abilities. Its simply... jump, build, repeat. Very strong design for a game, this is something I would certainly pay for, if there was even more blocks to mess with and build with. I can see something like this becoming popular.

This reminds me exactly of King's Field for the PS1. Very cool. I wish you the best of luck in creating this.

Interesting idea, although I really wish you showed actual gameplay of this and not gameplay with non-sync'd music on top of it. That way people can get an ACCURATE representation of what this looks and sounds like.

Ya know, I would personally consider this a spiritual successor to AudioSurf. Great stuff, I do hope that you will continue to work on this and improve the detection of beats in songs. Keep up the good work.

Yo... this is freakin' cool. You know what this reminds me of... if any of you remember the animation from like... middle school or something called ANIMUSIC, where they did an animation called "Pipe Dream" which is basically making music using iron spheres that would then drop onto blocks to produce music. This idea is pretty much that.

FIrst off, FANTASTIC ENGINE. This is absolutely amazing.

Secondly, couldn't you just call this "Tabletoper" or "Table2World" or something, since this is clearly designed with Tabletop gaming in mind. 

This game, for what it is, is absolutely fantastic. I do hope that you'll continue to work on it, and perhaps do some king of "character maker" in it. That way we can have shorter or taller characters, bigger or smaller, etc. But all and all, this game in itself, is truly something amazing, I love that there are destructible objects and then you can stand on them.

I'm curious to see where this goes from here.

Oh yeah, for sure. This looks insanely impressive.

Impressive stuff, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like... Street Fighter II already exists on NES through the power of BOOTLEGS. And honestly, some of them are really good, in fact, I would say, quite a few are really good. I respect you for taking the time to make this, but you have quite the uphill battle to go.

Could certainly use a map generator as well or something similar. Otherwise, something like this is surely to become fascinating in the right hands.

This game is literally just the flash game called "Mike Shadow - I Paid For It"

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So, played through the entire thing thus far, and well... let's just say, I left this game with more fetishes than I did going into it. Other than that, I honestly don't have anything negative to say about this, every character has a unique personality. If anything, one of my few complaints is that it sucks that there are characters in this game in which you cannot seduce or be seduced by. However, there was quite a nice mix of characters to "play" with, including a Slime Girl, a Kitsune, an Elf, another Elf (whom of which I don't want anything to do with now, not into Watersports), and a shark-mermaid girl (of whom I really like now).

So yeah, a solid 8/10, could use some SERIOUS improvements to the dialogue, I don't know of many people that use the word "rectum" in a flirtatious way or the word "anus" in a flirtatious way. Usually people just say "ass", cause like... I dunno, saying something like "spread my rectum" sounds weird.

Also, that ending blew my fucking mind. Well worth the 30 minutes to 1 hour of item gathering "quests" (one of which was completely pointless)

So, played through this entire game. So far, not bad. Wish there was more scenes of Sunny and Luna, but otherwise... a solid 8/10. If anything, my only complaint is that it takes a long time for anything "interesting" to happen.

This looks promising, I hope it doesn't get abandoned.

Just so you know Comodo Antivirus & Security lists this program as:


Two separate antivirus software used for that site deem it as infected. I'm going to assume it isn't, but I'd like some confirmation that it actually isn't before I try to use it.

Everything about this game... blows my freaking mind. Like honestly, it is titles like this that Nintendo needs to sponsor and get put on the Switch and other systems. This deserves to be a worldwide beloved title.

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This game reminds me of Death Road To Canada, in fact, if you put more work into it (adding more weapons, more enemy types, more locations, etc), then yeah, this would be a great contender for that gameplay style. It's simply brilliant, definitely a game I will play from time to time when I have nothing else to do. 

As the person who did the music for this game, I am biased in my opinion. HOWEVER... it's not a terrible game by any means, obviously, it was a somewhat rushed project, so more work could still be done, but it wasn't bad by any means. Overall though, if I had to rate it in the most unbiased way possible, I would give it a 7 out of 10, as the project is still very much incomplete.