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Hi, came across this tool today. Here’s my feedback to author.

  • The infinite canvas is very nice to have.
  • Support for multiple boards and fast switching between them is awesome.
  • I like a lot how tasks combine in a list or a tree, based just on their relative position.
  • Timers are great for workflow organization, great idea that I didn’t see anywhere else.
  • Whiteboard is great for those ideas that are hard to describe. Really simple to use.
  • Overall, I like restrictions and simplicity of tools and grid placement. Good for OCD.

Now for downsides and suggestions.

  • The UI is non-standard, so tab and other focusing shortcuts won’t work.
  • The workflow needs re-thinking. Right now everything is added as a task and then changed (only by mouse) into other elements.
  • Too many interactions require dialogs, for example completing one task in ‘progression’ requires going into property dialog and incrementing a number.
  • Late tasks are nervously animated and too distracting. I cannot keep the tool open all the time because of this.
  • The font is not changeable, there are more readable fonts out there (like open sans).
  • Why is zoom blurry when using vector fonts?
  • I’d like to be able to zoom out more and zoom in less.
  • Unicode support is lacking.
  • Maybe use a special color value for grid dots, so I can make them almost transparent in themes.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks @SolarLune for creating this.

Infinite spawning seems like step backwards in design. Like, where is the conservation of mass? Drop capsules are cool as player can see how a new enemy gets there, but just spawning a robot on already cleared area would be frustrating and unfair.

Robots have one benefit comparing to any other enemies - they can lie dormant. You could spawn disabled robots all around level during level generation and have them become active when player passes in front of them or makes some noise (gun, bomb…).

Also there could be some machines that bring in new robots as needed. As long as player is aware where new robots can appear.

Please provide at least basic information on which platforms the game works. Quest? Go? Cardboard? GearVR?

I could not get interactions to work on Quest? The tip of gadget would become green, but trigger/grip/buttons would not do anything.

I’m an odd duck here: using the LOVR framework and writing code in Lua. No assets, no level editors, just pure code (except for audio samples).