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If it was a more of a conceptual issue I do understand, things are rather not self-explanatory, and I didn't have time to put up more visual aid or a tutorial of some sort, so if it is that this is in my lack of speed/game design so far. :( and that only time to solve.

thank you for trying tho! and good luck with your entry. 

You should get a message and things should start spawning straight after you pick it up (using the key 'interact' from the control list: 'e' on keyboard or 'RB' on gamepad, or direct contact with the button via mouse/touch).  
after that the 'cast 1 key' will change gravity if you press it while in middle air.  Other stuff should appear after more enemies appear and also while the number of enemies you kill increase. if you survive you are suppose to get 8 upgrades in total. the game objective is to survive until you get enough of the 3 'scores'. That is basically what should happen, and the control list you can check in the menu.  I have tested it on chrome and firebox (lastesish version) and it works.  without many details I can't do much more than that, sorry.

oohh... thank you! really appreciate the feedback, glad you liked it.  :D

:D thanks. i also sucked at it for quite a while until my mind got used to the gravity swap.
if it wasn't a jam game, a tutorial explaining the mechanics constraint would be a must (and also a better balancing in general), but that is almost impossible to do with the time limitation+my skills so far.
I am glad you got to experience a bit of it and thank you for the feedback. 

I have changed the .exe's files, it may work now, if it doesn't work it is outside of my skill set today, when I get to learn more I try to make it better. :) thank you for the feedback qubodup.

really? I developed it on a 64 bit win 10 and it runs ok here :(

If you want to test the game anyway without waiting try

I will pack the game again and upload it here. I will change the wrapper and I hope it makes windows not mad anymore.

Thank you for the heads up. :)