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What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Play ?

It was....

Awesome !

I'm terrible with this kind of game, but it doesn't change the fact it's really nice !

So sad. The linux version only supports qwerty. Looks super cool however.

So sad it's not on GNU/Linux. I love the Monument Valley series !

The linux version segfaults when pressing escape.

(Note: I already played Fragments of Euclid)

That's actually not cool! xD
I'll find a way with Wine, no problem.

Crashes when I click the red Hello button.

I run Archlinux with Deepin Desktop Environment.

More than broken, fullscreen breaks the screen down : I closed the game, my screen keeps blinking ! X.X

I run Archlinux with Deepin Desktop Environment

This needs AZERTY support on linux. Looks cool, but playing with the wrong keyboard is annoying.

The linux version has a very glitchy showup, it can't update the screen fast enough.
You should clear the screen just before displaying object, not clear, calculate, then draw.
Note : I have a potato PC.

Sorry, i forgot to tell my OS. I have this problem on  the linux version.

I don't know why, but on most games, the launcher shows up, but there, noting. I can always loadkeys my linux, but it's kinda annoying (especially when I'll leave the game, I'll forget to change again :facepalm: )

I removed my message because it looks like in western europe, the servers are down late evening (I just installed the app and some games  during afternoon) ??

This game is cool. So sad there is no implementation of key assignment (for azerty keyboards) and so much lag.

Cool and pleasant game however !

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I think you forgot to remove the game from the linux games on the game list. When I try to launch the game on Arch linux, I get the error "no executable found". I checked, and I confirm : there is no linux executable

Have a great day !