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I don't think he can optimise the game. Unity is really bad in itself tbh.

I haven't opened this in a year. I remember trying to compile it for Windows, but with no luck. Honestly I don't know if I'd be able to run it myself now.

J'avoue, j'ai quitté Epitech - je ne m'y plaisais pas.

Mais un feedback... C'est juste excellent, j'ai rien à dire. La difficulté est très bien calculée, la musique et les sons sont agréables...

Allez, si on veut vraiment pinailler... Lorsqu'on tourne la caméra à plus de 45° de côté, les contrôles deviennent perturbants. Mais comme il suffit de 60° de battement total pour voir la totalité du plateau, ce n'est pas un problème.

I always love your creations. This one is simple and nice, yet challenging. 100% would play again.

As far as I can remember, both of the inputs had the problem... I changed systems twice since then, haven't tested on my new system yet.

My drive is running out of space, so I checked what apps were using so much place. Turns out the Itch desktop app comes waaay first, with 99.6GB.
However, I only have 1.4 GB of games installed.

How do I fix that ?

Very original and fun gameplay, would even pay for more !

Yeah, it requires some optimisation.

Good luck !

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Wait. This game needs a 1060 ? Even Cities:Skylines runs on my Intel HD Graphics 620 (very low graphics and 20 fps, but it runs) !

I had a problem when writing the comment, the page wouldn't load, only the comments and the screenshots, so I didn't see the requirements. Now I see it, and I'm like.. This wouldn't even run at 720p ?

(A good way to support lower HW is to allow toggling dynamic or animated decoration, like the trees and shaders.)

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Doesn't work. It loads to 100%, then nothing. My CPU runs up to 100% but nothing happens.

My system: Arch Linux x86_64
Kernel: 5.1.3-arch1-1-ARCH
Executable: 0.95 Demo

Wow. Amazing how unity sucks. I've always said it, and I'll continue saying it.

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I think this will need some serious optimisation. Maybe try using less detailed collision meshes for the vehicles ?

Indeed, it works now. Thanks !

Can't launch the game. It tells me it's an unauthorised browser

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I like to browse games on itch, install and play them. But sometimes I want to play games I installed earlier... And I can't. i just can't browse the games that are on my computer. No link, no button, anything.

I enabled internal browser and tabs.

I hope this is just a bug coming with this configuration...

EDIT after further research :

It appears that enabling internal browser tabs removes the main tabs :

Without tabs :

With tabs :

OK, pour les graphismes j'attendrais.
Sinon mon clavier c'est AZERTY FRA Fr. C'est probablement dû au lag : un processeur surchargé est souvent plus à même de produire des bugs. Je suis développeur aussi, j'ai déjà eu affaire à un effet comme ça : en multithreading j'avais une bouclinf sur l'un des threads XD

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Etrange en effet. Après si tu veux t'amuser à comprendre le pourquoi du comment des différents systèmes...

Mon système: Windows 10 1709 build 16299.431
Mes processeurs : Intel Core i7 7500U CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.90GHz
    Et le chipset graphique : Intel HD Graphics 620 - pilote version

Je suis à environ 5-10 fps constants. Je suis peut-être habitué au 20 fps, mais il y a une limite à la souffrance oculaire.

I want to say one word :


Basically I can't play. (And I'm on azerty keyboard, but I have to use wasd)

Installed the game about 1 hour before the update. Some multiplayer could be really nice. (That's just an idea like that, no pressure)

It's nice, but having to open the explorer to get it to run in firefox is quite annoying. (Itch doesn't support WebGL anymore)

Really hard. Nice tryharder. I love it. (You're making good games, I'm testing all, indeed)

This is interesting, although i don't really get the use of the boxes, as I can simply jump from platform to platform and touch green parts to rotate... It's really nice.

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Stuck on the start menu.
I even reinstalled the game completely (uninstall then reinstall), no change. I only managed to start it once.

[new map] [new sandbox] buttons have the same effect as clicking [ESC], and the [new map], [load map] buttons in the pause menu don't do anything.

Sad because I like it.

System : Windows 10 pro 64bits | Linux 64bits

What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Play ?

It was....

Awesome !

I'm terrible with this kind of game, but it doesn't change the fact it's really nice !

So sad. The linux version only supports qwerty. Looks super cool however.

So sad it's not on GNU/Linux. I love the Monument Valley series !

The linux version segfaults when pressing escape.

(Note: I already played Fragments of Euclid)

That's actually not cool! xD
I'll find a way with Wine, no problem.

Crashes when I click the red Hello button.

I run Archlinux with Deepin Desktop Environment.

More than broken, fullscreen breaks the screen down : I closed the game, my screen keeps blinking ! X.X

I run Archlinux with Deepin Desktop Environment

This needs AZERTY support on linux. Looks cool, but playing with the wrong keyboard is annoying.

The linux version has a very glitchy showup, it can't update the screen fast enough.
You should clear the screen just before displaying object, not clear, calculate, then draw.
Note : I have a potato PC.

Sorry, i forgot to tell my OS. I have this problem on  the linux version.

I don't know why, but on most games, the launcher shows up, but there, noting. I can always loadkeys my linux, but it's kinda annoying (especially when I'll leave the game, I'll forget to change again :facepalm: )

I removed my message because it looks like in western europe, the servers are down late evening (I just installed the app and some games  during afternoon) ??

This game is cool. So sad there is no implementation of key assignment (for azerty keyboards) and so much lag.

Cool and pleasant game however !

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I think you forgot to remove the game from the linux games on the game list. When I try to launch the game on Arch linux, I get the error "no executable found". I checked, and I confirm : there is no linux executable

Have a great day !