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Apologies for the wait, a new public update will be coming Sep 30.

Thx so much for reporting the bug, I'll have a patch for it tomorrow!

Thanks for letting me know! Just uploaded a hotfix that should fix the issue.

I'll be re-adding him soon alongside more content.

Thx, just happy that people are enjoying it.

happy to hear, be sure to tune in for the next one!

sorry cac is for create a character or customizing the player character.

Currently only 1 day for a few characters since switching, but working to have them all caught up by the next build on the 30th with added story.

Thx for the suggestion, just upload a new hotfix and the game should be able to run on 32 bit pcs now.

Thx for reporting all of these bugs should be fixed now with the recent hotfix I just uploaded,  also currently rock only has one day until I catch up everything in unity.

Thanks for the feedback, just uploaded some new changes to make the UI bigger until I polish it out with a new look.

Yes, I recently switch to unity and have to redo a lot of story content from scratch.

Are you using 7zip or winrar to extract the rar file?

Thx, happy to hear you're enjoying it. Be sure to tune in for more updates coming soon.

Otobei is the new Shiba Inu spirit that appears after day 1 in your home, more introduction for him is coming soon in the next public update.

Thx, be sure to tune in for more public builds!

Thx, glad you are enjoying the game! More is coming soon!

Thx, more is sure to come soon!

Thx alot for the feedback! Currently the beach episode isn't finished yet, and the the last image in the cg gallery is just a place holder until more cg is drawn. Soon in the next build should there be more cg coming. 

Thx, I'm so glad to hear that!

No problem, once I finish the next two customizable characters, there will be a few more options for human and wolf.

Thx for the suggestion, I'm currently working on a few changes for the gallery and ui.

Thx, I'll be sure to fix it by next build! 

Thanks for reporting the bug, I'll have it fixed soon for the next public build of the game.

Sorry for the late response, and thanks for the feedback; but there will soon be more story for Rock and rest assure you'll be able to have a happy ending with him or other characters. Also haven't got around to it story wise, but some characters will be bi with male preference.

Thanks for the feedback, and soon there will be some more options to customize the player character alongside choosing whether you want to see your character all of the time .

Thanks for the interest, you can become a patron here:

Currently he isn't, but he will be soon.

Thanks, things are going a bit better for me. 

You can unlock his route from Jer's route and then heading to the gym.

He'll be option real soon in the next build.

Thanks, glad to hear, and I'll be sure to get more content out for them alongside improve VIP system. 

Thanks, glad to hear, and I'll be sure to do so!

Yes, the MC will be able to properly romance Rock and/or characters, which will have a loyalty route  and possibly some special poly routes with certain character couples.

Yeah, but I'll have everything wrapped this upcoming month.

Thanks, but no worries it isn't!

Thanks, I hope so too!

Any suggestions in regard of the game.