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thx. Working on another.

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I apologize, this was the final release of the game.  I originally built for both platforms but in the end it performed better on x64 so I removed x86 support.  Again, apologies.

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much - means their is much blood.  As far as a 32-bit box, not sure how well it will perform.  It wasn't built just for 64-bit so give it a try.  The graphics chipset in your laptop will probably have a difficult time.

much, in slow-mo

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Stand over it and a hand will appear, then hit the 'interact' button (F) . This is how you plant bombs later on also.  Press F1 to see all the controlls.  I should have made that more clear.

Thanks for the kind words. No plans for Steam, maybe a Linux release. I'm considering a new title.

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I REALLY wanted to play this game since it looks like you did some cool stuff with RFPS but everything is in Russian  (I think), I didn't know which was the Start button :)

BTW - putting out a Mac version is REALLY easy with Unity 2017.3