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You press jump

Have you tried tho?

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Don't care, give us the patch or fuck off.
Oh wait, it's not a patch. It's a fucking mod CUNT

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More cheap ass spoiled kids demanding developers to give them better game and didn't even donate or doesn't do their side of any contribution. It started to fuck up this entire community board and it's a pain in the ass for people who seriously want this game to get better. If you want improvement, at least try something that you can. Otherwise don't blindly demand for more shit like they're your parents. I think pretty much all the questions are now answered, if you have questions about gaming go search for it. Use your bigass brain that your premature body can barely support.

And yes, I know you all came from watching famous Youtuber playing so pretty sure you're already being a shame and dissapointment to your favorite Youtube gamer.

What a fucking impressive artwork kid.
Why don't you give us a chunk of file that proves this piss stain you made?

Ask yo dad/ brother
if you don't have one, find anyone who would set key bindings for ya

No, you're not just bad in keybords, you're bad in basically all key binding because some few key binding settings would do the job. Prolly too young for those stuff? Ask your brother/father to do that kinda shit for you, small group of developers are not your Santa.

Same here! some say 2, some say few. Chest system is definitely rigged wrong.

Between foundations. You will fall in and get stuck. The fact you never did so doesn't make it's gone.
If the net is next to another net/water block, this is not relevant.

Watch out for nets between foundations: they will trap you and you underwater and you will die under the foundation.
But you can use some hacks to recover it, just check out youtube to how. Developers, if you're seeing this, DON'T FIX JUST THIS because it's your fault who cannot come with brilliant ideas to keep people from bugs and they deserve to recover death from bugs.