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ill take my hat off to that.

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Whoah! Thats some quality! Please though. Make the cat fall faster. Idk if it's just me but that's quite frustrating. 

Great art and animation though! 

Brilliant atmosphere but nothing appears to be happening. I got the invitation to the halloween party and then nothing.

Man talk about asthetic. Fantastic shaders! I like the spooky looming bois!

Im.. Im confused. Is this a two player game? if so where's the other players controls

Hey yall, Give it another try if you wanna see the new arts I added!

Cool! Im glad you all enjoyed it!

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Hi! i've never made a game before! You can tell. I just started posting under the title JingleJosh and I joined the jam to kickstart both the spooks and the school work i'm currently working. The game i'm entering is actually a school project gone horridly wrong. ENTER PUMPKIN PETE. My game isn't actually scary. It's just themed like that.

Sorry about that. Having some trouble with my builds. Im trying to juggle working on this with my school work.