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How it's going with achievements and polishing? 

You said  in your pathreon that Labirinth was mistake. It's not true. It still has a chance. 

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I don't know if it connected or not.  Again: I didn't save Sylph, I just clearly (without dying) passed from [New game] to the moment of activating the second door (light column) in the hub (the door to the dark levels).  Then I "saved" the game and closed it and found that the game didn't save the fact that I activated the second door.

From my perspective it looks like the option [Wake (Save)]  does not overwrite the save file if player is in the hub. Probably it's by design, but it's odd, because it's natural point to save the game and take a break. Event of exit (closing) - at that moment - happened in the intro screen and didn't save the game too.

 Probably closing the game in the hub doesn't overwrite save file also, but I 'm not sure how clearly I checked this.

About the ability binding. I got this at every start (Quest mode - Load game):

despite the fact that when I exits it contains a few pages like this:

Successfully saves on dying at second (dark) level set, respawns in hub.  [Wake (Save)] (in hub) didn't save the game. Alt+F4 in hub didn't save the game.

Major bug:  The ability binding not restoring (the same as in v5). 

Minor feature suggestion: Alt + Enter  (Win) == to switch Full screen / Window mode, and maybe start the game in Full screen from the first launch?

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No, earlier. I finished first set,  2nd door is open, I spoke with everyone in hub, then selected "Wake (Save)", then exit with Alt+F4 to take a break (Updated: I didn't try to enter the second door, NPC Yara didn't stop me with the sentence) . The old save remains in AppData, it was not overwritten.

You need an achievements to attract gamers in Steam . And trading cards later ( if Steam allows) to attract collectors :)


-  Wake (Save) in the Hub after open the second set of levels didn't save the game. 

The game needs achievements. 
Something like:
+ Quest mode: finish the game 
+ Quest mode: finish the game  in normal difficulty (w/o necklace)
+ Quest mode: finish the game w/o buying anything from merchant
and so on 
+ Discover all NPC and talk with them

+ the same for Gaunlet mode
+ for certain number kills of specific monsters
+ for certain number of kills with bow / melee / moon  etc. (through all plays?)
+ secret achievements?
+ one or two rare / hard to obtain achievements?

Maybe readers have any suggestions, pls? :)

Level of activity is predictable here, I see.  


- ability bindings does not restored correctly


- effect of potions/items continues after death and after teleport from hub to the another level

- the respawn logic is disorienting. After number of deaths player moves  from hub back to the  first level. First thoughts: Damn game is broken, I beat this level already. Do I have to talk with this guy again? Maybe the level is changed somehow? Nope, it looks the same... 

- sometimes blue doors auto-opens ,  sometimes player need to use a bone, cant understand the logic of this

- level exit logic is not reflected on screen. In that take, when I spoke with Julius, at some moment I found the hatch (and it looks open), but failed to exit from the level, I needed to do something, I didn't know what

Bloom: Labyrinth community · Created a new topic v5
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Ok, let me start...

First and foremost, Happy New Year! I hope the new year will bring only the joy and success to you!

- The game starts in window mode, doesn't switch to full screen (win7 64bit, no-Aero theme) 
- No cursor in resolution selection 
- [Options] - [Controls]  with a gamepad: to close window player need to scroll down the whole list, only then he switches to [Back]. Highlighted [Back] is lack of color

- When player interacts with NPC the time continues in the pauses between dialog screens 
- The shop screen doesn't show player's money 

- I found the "mysterious note", ok, doesn't have time to read it. I found a blue guy, I tried to talk with him thinking maybe it's merchant. Oh, no, it's Julius, well, we start to talk about note, but I dies in the middle (because time continues, shots found me). Now I'm in the hub, the dialog options are on the screen, - I continue talk with Julius...

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it's a bit confusing  (with random maps), but...ok. It has to be explained somehow in the story.   And the Quest mode - what is my own goal, what I seek in the Labirinth - it's unclear. 

The most annoying glitch right now - with hiding interface on Load Game. I hope v5 will solve it.

P.S. It's wrong that you do all the work alone.


-  I expected that I can buy items from merchant with usual confirmation button,  but it's [Y] on gamepad or [E] key on keyboard.  Player will need a hint maybe.

- Depleted items has to fade in ability page (be drawn semitransparent)

-  How the Mystic charm works? How long?

I just got bored of the big games, and I have a free time.  Although I'm already a little tired of glitches.

- Main Menu:  no working key on keyboard to activate selected option, only mouse click works. it's minor issue, but...

- first option of first talk with Yara ends with nothing . Dialog window stays on screen but player can move and use abilities.  

- the guys in the hub (Yara and others) moves around often and randomly. So they looks like hurrying somewhere... in the small room

- the magical mystery tour:   I'm finished the first level, found myself in the hub, exit to the left, die, return to the hub, exit to the left... found myself at the start of first level (!).  Here (after exit) I checked the save file:  area1_004 (!) there.  Load the game, found myself on the same level, die, return to the hub, exit to the left, found myself in the different level  :)  Die, exit, checked the save file again: area1_003  :)  Load the game, respawned on two different places at the same (probably) 1_003,  repeated two or three times: die, hub, exit to the left,  - and  finally I returned to the start of the first level, again :) 


There will be many issues when game out to more ppl instead of a few backers.

No mails from about update btw, so probably nobody knows atm

First look issues:

- the unnecessary pauses in intro screens.  After player selected "New Game" and pressed the key to close the intro hint:  the game plays music and waits for a any key. Player waits also, thinking it's a loading screen.

- first hint about inventory is good, but I played with gamepad

- "Load Game" at start still makes the ability "leaf" hidden and it doesn't restore ability binding

In-game menu:

- cursor doesn't move


- surprisingly a lot of keys in the list. I didn't expect to find the complexity of air pilot simulator here :) I hope it's only for pre-release version

- so called "Hotbar page prev/next" buttons doesn't work on gamepad (windows7, Xbox 360 gamepad, triggers detected in rebind panel as joystick Axis ID 6/7, and sometimes returns joystick 6/7  and joystick axis ID 0/2(?) codes as well)

- rebind  panel here doesn't drawn properly and OK button doesn't work

Bloom: Labyrinth community · Created a new topic v2
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Ok, let's try this forum. 

1) Kickstarter backers doesn't know about  the patch, because they're not "follow" the news feed on

2) v2 makes things a bit worse, pls check:

- buttons of  gamepad ([A]) doesn't work in main menu, in the screen with "The First Night", in conversations, when the game shows in-game tip (about Bone Pick as example) etc. Only mouse & keyboard helps

- Switching between ability pages doesn't work with gamepad. btw, what is the reason to bind inventory rotation and page switching on different keys/buttons?

- Interface (Ability page)  doesn't appear when player load the game. It keeps on screen only if player choose New game, Quit to main menu and then Load game. 

- Loading the save doesn't restore ability binding