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For windows, HAPPY WORLD got new content and polish.


Update log(windows):
-New random room
-New Excland dialogue
-The text files and pictures that pop up appear properly in game folder

omg this is amazing

fancy seeing you here, too. i was just browsing and what do you know, it's you. and really? what a coincidence! i'll watch it


Hi, thank you! You can get the soundtrack for free here :)


You're welcome!

Yes, you can do Alt+Enter to toggle full screen and also F4 I think

no problem! i just got on the computer haha

thank you! and yes, if you do the true ending, you can skip all world 3 missions which includes nunu. you can still visit her though

It already does bring you to the page. But it will also bring you to a new level in a future update(probably).

Thank you :)

Yes, it is different

No it does not matter which order you play it in. Have fun :)

If you do that ending and open the game again it should have reset. If not, then you can restart it by going into app data and deleting the .HW files in C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Jimmy Maslaki\HAPPY WORLD

I'm sorry I just listened to the entire OST and it did not break any grounds near me

Yeah I've been walking to different rooms and nothing happens

Thank you for making it :)

I'm walking around forever and still not getting more clues(browser version), and I still don't know what to do

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I love this game the turtle is so cute and the concept is really interesting but I can't figure out what to do : - ( I made it freeze and fullscreen but i don't know what to do besides that

and now i think he hinted me to ask you?

oh you have, im glad!

my pleasure :)

portfolio if you're interested

if you have Discord mine is: jimmy#1291

or email me at:

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I love the art style

Are you inspired by Sinks Adventure?

Also if you ever need music or sound effects in the future I would love to help out

HAPPY WORLD dev log:

HAPPY ZONE dev log:


Nope, there is no way.

Yes it's the same blue guy

If you do the second ending and get the RED PLANE artifact you can skip world 3 missions.

And the purple slime key place is called Plasma Hole

And that last place is called "HAPPY ZONE"

It's just a coincidence. And oh, thanks!

And blue machine can't do anything else.

They're not really one after the other, they're both at the same time I guess. No specific order

They're both in the same multiverse, it's not an alternate timeline.

I don't know what blue guy or pink guy you're talking about

Doodle zone: Yes, it's serves as an exit point for happy zone, and happy zone is a MACHINE

He actually restarts the game. And try talking to purple slime by the motel

thank you! and yes it's possible, you still haven't achieved the true ending, you need to go to plasma hole indeed :)

on another topic, Excland is pointless. i just made it for fun

There is no brightness, I believe it's just your computer screen

Thank you :) it pleases me to know people actually get goosebumps from it

The frog is unlockable in the full game. But it's a secret.

Just a little advice,

Do you have a portfolio? Social media? Anything?

If you want to be appear more credible I recommend you provide at least one of those, samples of your artwork at the minimum.

You've told us nothing about yourself, and you've shown us none of your work.

well you see, puzzle games have puzzles in them

and non-puzzle games



haha, nice one