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Yo waddup fellow itchy people!

I've recently picked up my interest in voxel art again and decided it was time I created something useful.
Since I've spent a lot of time working on procedural dungeon generators I figured a modular dungeon building kit would be a nice place to start.

The kit contains 44 pieces, including walls, pillars, fences, stairs, doors and floors and comes as either a UnityPackage (which includes model prefabs & examples) or FBX files.

 Have a look right here:



  • Particles - Replaced any form of 'realistic' particle with more appropriate square particles.

Bugs fixed

  • No collision on a road tile in the vending machine area



  • Vending machines - At last, the money pits have arrived! You can now spend your hard earned cash on health, ammo, weapons and...
  • A surprise? - Who knows?
  • Bounties - Cash can now be earned by killing enemies. Bounties are currently the same for every enemy, with no multipliers available. More functionality regarding bounties will follow in later updates.
  • Cash HUD widgets - Your cash balance is displayed above your health bar. Any changes regarding your balance will generate an awesome pop-up with some descriptive text.


  • Health pickups - Now look like actual health pickups.
  • Roads - Fixed some scaling and collision issues.
  • Shotgunner health - Shotgunner's health went down from 5 to 4.
  • Shadows - Replaced soft-shadows with hard-shadows.
  • Commander Drü'nqx - Is now the same size as the other aliens due to a recent engine update. I temporarily added a box above his head to identify him. Custom art for all enemies will follow in future updates.
  • Enemy projectiles - These are now green instead of blue. Given the generally reddish tint of the environment, they should be easier to keep track of than blue ones.
  • Machine gunner - Now has a slightly lower fire rate.

Bugs fixed

  • Force fields spawning in front of you - This no longer happens.
  • Parks were no longer included in the level generation process - They are now.
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I actually just fixed this bug on my end :P
This shouldn't be an issue anymore in the next release, which I hope to finish before the weekend is over.

I have uploaded version 0.4.1, making sure the prerequisites prompt was included in the game.
If it does not pop-up, you already have the prerequisites installed.

However, if the new version did not solve your problem, you could try downloading the game through the app (assuming you didn't do this already).



  • Pickups - Pickups are no longer picked up automatically, but require the 'action' button. Replaced pickup 'bubble' with a vertical highlight. Pickups now use physics instead of an animation. This is preparation for the upcoming shop system (more updates will follow).
  • HUD - When you are close enough to an interactable (chest / pickup), an icon will pop-up on your screen.
  • Text - Made most text white with a black outline to increase readability.
  • Force fields - Updated force field colors to red, reducing visual interference with enemy projectiles.
  • Loading screens - Loading screen now covers level generation as well.

Bugs fixed

  • Switching weapons whilst dashing - Fixed a bug where you could not use a weapon that was equipped during the dash-animation.
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Which version (win 32 / 64) are you running?

Are you getting a crash report or is it just shutting down?
If you are getting a crash report, could you post it here?

Also, the first time you tried to launch the game, did it ask you to install UE4 prerequisites? If it didn't, that might be the problem.

However, since this is the first time (to my knowledge) that this has happened, any additional information you can provide could help me figure out what the problem could be.



  • Feedback button - The main menu now boasts a brand new 'Feedback' button, which will take you to the community page.
  • Force fields - Whenever a combat encounter begins, a combat space is sealed off by a force field. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
  • Loading screen - No more 'did the game just freeze on me?'-moments, because everytime the game is loading a loading screen will pop up.
  • End-of-the-line notice - If you manage to kill the boss, congratulations! Also, a disappointing notice will pop-up telling you that there is nothing left to do until more content is added.


  • AI - Made enemy projectiles significantly slower, so you actually get the time to react to the bulletstorm. Also increased enemy count per encounter.
  • Buildings - You no longer have to witness horribly unfinished template buildings.
  • HUD - Now displays the current version number. This was added primarily for potential let's play videos / reviews, carefully reminding viewers that this game is still in development.
  • Textures - Textures are no longer loaded in steps, making everything instantly as detailed as it should be.
  • Laser rifle - Reduced ammo supply and clip size.
  • Commander Drüncx- Maximum reinforcement count has been increased.



  • Settings Menu - The main menu now has a settings menu where you can change video and mouse settings. More settings will follow in future updates.


  • AI - Made some tweaks to AI aiming, slightly increasing your odds of surviving.
  • Buildings - Added some template / concept buildings to the building pool.

Bugs Fixed

  • Weapon pickup not initialized - Added a short delay to pickups being able to be picked up. This ensures all data has been properly initialized before you interact with them.

Hey man, keep up the good work! The attack animations and cam-shakes make fighting and smashing things a pretty satisfying experience.

Some bugs / things I noticed:
- Spearmen can stab you through walls.
- Enemies will not attack you when the lower half of your body is behind a wall (my guess is that the player's hitbox is inside the wall at this point, thus unreachable. This may actually be the reason spearmen can stab you through walls.)
- It seems to me like projectiles aren't fired exactly towards the center of the crosshair, but their shadows are.
- I found hostile arrows to be pretty difficult to keep track of since they blend a bit too well into the environment and hitmarkers, especially when the screen shakes (a highlight-color in addition to / instead of the already present white might be an option.)
- I had a hard time figuring out what the effects of picking up certain foods were. I attribute this to the lack of (animated) icons for things like health and gold, but I'm pretty sure that's on your todo-list already :P

Anyway, I hope this feedback is useful to you. Good luck in your dev-quest!

I regret to inform you that I made a critical error right at the start of the project, which now makes the project unbuildable for anything other than Windows (at least with my current setup). Whilst I still plan on releasing the game for both Linux and Mac, I'm afraid it will have to wait until the gameplay has reached a point which I deem acceptable enough to shift my attention away from it.

Please forgive my stupidity.

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  • Main Menu Fancyness - The main menu now looks a bit more appealing than a brick. It's also focused by default now, so you won't have to click twice to start.
  • HUD - The old, horrible placeholder of a HUD has been replaced with a new one, featuring a health bar, ammo bar and weapon selection widget. The display of 'Gold' has been temporarily removed due to it not being used yet.
  • Weapon Selection - You can now carry and switch between a maximum of 5 different weapons.


  • AI - Some aliens now lead their shots according to player movement.
  • SFX - Dashing now has a sound effect. Jump sound has been updated with a little whoosh aswell. Also decreased background music volume a bit.
  • Supply Chest - Added a smoke bomb prop.

Bugs Fixed

  • Reloading a full clip - Why would you even do this? Anyway, you can't do it anymore.
  • Explosion deleting the commander - Due to a little physics problem which could cause the commander (boss) to just vanish instead of die, explosion forces have been temporarily disabled. They still hurt lots though!

Temporarily removed

  • Currency - Enemies will no longer drop currency pickups. Currency will be reintroduced when there's a means to spend it (e.g. shops).

Absolutely! I acually wanted to do so in update 0.2.2, but it required a bit more effort than I initially suspected. I aim to have a Linux build ready by the time the next update goes live.

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  • First animation & actual alien - I finally gathered the courage to try my hand at animating those pesky aliens. The old aliens have been replaced with a new one (still WIP), containing a 'standing still' and 'running' animation.
  • 'Game over' placeholder text - When you die, a placeholder 'game over' text will appear.
  • Windows 32 - Added a build compatible with Windows 32 bits operating systems.


  1. Buildings - Fixed some visual errors. Also added another building.
  2. Blood splatter - Updated scale of blood splatters to match the new alien look.

Bugs Fixed

  • Dashing whilst jumping in place - Dashing is now only possible when you're moving horizontally.
  • Pickups interfering with projectiles - Pickups no longer affect the direction your bullets travel in.



  • Parks - Added 2 placeholder parks to create a more open space in certain parts of a level.


  1. Buildings - Replaced placeholder buildings with a couple of new ones (these will be updated / more will follow).
  2. Dashing - Drasticly reduced cooldown. Dashing is now always horizontal.
  3. Missile Launcher - Reduced cooldown on both firing and reloading.
  4. Enemy projectiles - Replaced one placeholder with another.
  5. Recovery time - Increased the time the player is invulnerable after getting hit to reduce the chance of getting obliterated in a single bulletstorm. I'd still try to avoid them though.
  6. Pistol - Replaced placeholder projectile with an actual bullet.
  7. Pickups - Increased pickup radius.
  8. File size - Reduced build file size by roughly 30%.

Bugs Fixed

  • Climbing UFO's - It is no longer possible to exit the map by climbing UFO's.
  • Jumping while dashing - Previously you could try (and fail) to jump while dashing. This is no longer the case.

Hey man, bedankt voor de feedback!

Dat van die protection en hitboxes was me inderdaad ook al opgevallen, de rest helaas nog niet.
Goed dat je het ook even post hier, anders was ik het gegarandeerd weer vergeten :P

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  • Supply drops - Supply drops can now be found across the levels. They may contain a health refill or a new weapon. They are identifiable by a cloud of red smoke.
  • New weapons - First versions of the following weapons are now obtainable in-game. Once picked up, there is no going back yet. This feature will be added in a future update.
    • Pistol (New default)
    • Triple-barreled shotgun
    • Laser rifle
    • Laser MG (Previous default)
    • Missile launcher
  • Placeholder achievement - An achievement icon will pop-up when the boss has been defeated. This is icon acts as a placeholder for the achievement system, which will be added in a future update. It currently does nothing other than look pretty.
  • Placeholder Hands - You can now see hands on the weapons you're holding. This should communicate the general feel of a weapon better.


  • General alien behavior - Aliens will no longer move straight toward you. They also move slightly slower to compensate for their 'more interesting' movement.
  • Boss behavior - Replaced the first boss' 'wall of death' attack with the calling of reinforcements. Also tweaked his 'normal' bullet pattern.
  • Shaders - Removed cell shading because I was unable to create the atmosphere I'm going after with it.
  • Control scheme - Moved the control scheme from in-game UI to main menu
  • UE4 Template dude - This dude is no longer visible when you die. A void remains.
  • Screen damage - Disabled health-based blood splatter, because it interfered too much with the new visual style.
  • Pickups - Pickups are now easily identifiable by their surrounding spheres.
  • Reloading - Reloading now uses sound effects.
  • Dash-blur - Dashing now includes a motion-blur effect.
  • Level generation - Made some tweaks to the generation process to reduce the odds of getting lost.

Bugs Fixed

  • Rooftop dancing - Aliens should no longer be able to spawn on top of anything other than the streets.



  • Made alien blood green.
  • Increased accuracy of default player weapon.
  • Updated regular alien firing patterns.
  • Updated fast-moving enemy projectile to distinguish them from other projectile types.
  • Aliens move towards you more noticeably.
  • When an alien encounter begins, aliens are no longer spawned all at once, but with small delays between them.
  • Added version description to main menu.

Bugs Fixed

  • Aliens should no longer spawn outside of the map.
  • Game will not freeze when spawning enemies anymore.
  • Regular aliens will no longer fire when they cannot see you.

Hey man,

Thanks for putting your time and effort towards creating this helpful review and spreading the word! It really helps me get a grasp of the things I should prioritize during development.

Rest assured, more weapons will eventually make their way into the game, along with more optimized enemies.

Once again thank you for sharing your experience with the first version of Somethin's Brewin'!

V 0.1

Initial upload to

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If you have any suggestions you think will make the game a better product, feel free to let me know.
Note that while I cannot guarantee the suggestions being implemented in-game as they are, they will at least improve my knowledge of people actually playing the game, enabling me to provide you with a better overall experience.

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If you encounter any bugs during your time in Somethin's Brewin', this is the place to shove 'em in my face.

When posting a bug report, please provide as much detailed information as possible, helping me figure out the underlying problems.