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thank you! I did make the music :) 

I definitely woulda made the game longer but I was really busy during the jam so I barely got this much done lol.

maybe I could update it into a full game later, we’ll see

Really fun concept! the visuals are super nice and concept is unique.

This was so good! The music and art fit really well together and it was very smooth. Took me a minute to realize you couldn't move when you're together which is my fault for not reading the description. The mechanic is really fun, but switching from keyboard to mouse was pretty hard to do in a crunch. Overall very fun and polished.

A little confusing at first, but the spells are really fun to use!

really funky, I like the music and the unique voice lines!

I'm glad to hear it! Difficulty balancing was something I was really worried about, so I'm glad it was fun and not too easy or difficult.

I love this one! The movement is fun and fluid even though it's a tile-based game. It feels fast-paced but you can strategize if you want. The music and art were really solid as well.

Super fun mechanic! At first I thought it would be a simple game where two people are tied together but the slow time mechanic and cutting the rope was really interesting. Could have used a tutorial though, I was a little confused at first.

Great game!!

love the simplicity in the design yet the complexity in how many solutions there are to the same problem. Genius!

Wow, I love the vibe in this game! The conversations are really funny and the graphics are perfect. Great entry

yeah sorry about that :( 

I like the chopping game and that bug is so annoying, wish i coulda fixed it in time

Ha I was going to make a dancing frog animation that would play before it sent you back to the menu but I ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback!

I love the concept of a frog that can't jump! Genuinely such a unique idea. The tongue physics are really fun too :)

This is a really unique concept! I love the strategy and the story. 

The art style is perfect!!

This was so cool! The tongue grappling hook was an especially fun and unique experience and the game feel was really solid.

I love this concept! It reminds me of difficult platforming games like getting over it. I enjoyed it a lot

I love this one! I like how the frog knocks the ball over with his tongue :)

thank you!!!

This is a ton of fun! Love all the can iterations and the hazards

I appreciate it!

yeah i'm aware of this bug but i wasnt able to fix it in time. Thanks for the feedback though!

I love the death mechanic. The jump animation is super good too, and it felt great to play. The art style is also distinct and consistent, which is thoroughly enjoyed.

Wow! This is super impressive for 48 hours. The dialogue is funny and reminded me of undertale characters. I love the environment and color palette, it all makes for a really unique experience! This could totally be a full length game I would play.

Very cool! The art style is distinct and consistent which makes the rough lines and brushes feel intentional. I like the memory card game style!

Very fun! The art and music were really solid but I found the controls hard to figure out with no tutorial and when you get cornered by enemies it's tough to move. The idea is really cool though and it's super fun!

A work of art if i do say so myself

This was fun! Timing and lining up the shots was very satisfying, and I loved the sound effects :D

This was really fun! Good game in the cookie-clicker-like genre. I like the sense of progression too, it felt good

thank you for all the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it

the art in this is amazing! Movement feels good too. If there was music that would be great too. Awesome submission!

thank you!!

I appreciate it lol

thank you!!

thank you! :)

This is super fun! The music slaps and the game plays very well.

This is super fun! The gameplay is fluid and it's super fun to kill aliens. The music is also really good. I'd only suggest making the objective a little more obvious. 

This was really fun! Took me a second to realize what I needed to do but the graphics are super charming and the background sounds are really relaxing. Very nice

This was amazing! Especially as a musician I really liked the piano playing mechanics and it was super fun to listen and play back melodies. I loved how you went back to the piano at the end, which really fit with the theme! Awesome job, it was great

Really fun! Sometimes it was hard to avoid the shadows because they came out of the entrance right when you went in, and sometimes the music glitched a bit. Besides that, very clever and fun