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I enjoyed the gameplay, however I didn't like that the game had to pause for a few seconds to load the next section. It takes away from the immersion, but I understand if it might be a limitation of the game engine. I look forward to the full release!

I adore the fact that you added sound for when someone climbs up the bed and walks off of it. Small detail that can be easily missed if you play the game properly (unlike me lol). Great game, great scares. Here is my playthrough of it!

This game was honestly so unsettling and I think the main reason was because it looks like an old school PS1 type of game which is when horror games were at it's peak, since the graphics weren't that good our imaginations fill in the detail.

Anywho. enough reminiscing about the old school days, here is a video I made of the game!

Awesome throwback to old school gaming, made me feel right at home with 3rd person fixed camera angles and I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a short survival horror experience!

First game I played in my 3 scary games video I did for Halloween.

I really liked the VHS style you went with and the camera mechanic makes me wonder if there was anything that I missed since I don't know if I could have pulled out the camera before entering the school. 

Overall it was short but freaky!

This was a really surreal game for me because I feel like I saw myself in this game in a way that wasn't really meant to be seen by playing. At the end of the game I talk about what I think the relationship between our character and the other person is, because I went through a terrible breakup where I was cheated on... multiple times by the same person... and how I still felt like I need her. Like I was addicted. I don't think that was the intention or overall meaning/ purpose of the game, but that's how I interpreted it for myself.  A reason I thought of it like this is because in one part of the game where we choose to stop seeing her after the second time you're back at your place, she seems like she really doesn't want to lose contact with you and it felt like they both knew each other from the past. But then the ending where your new room mate doesn't see her in the picture just confused me lol

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Really cool and scary game, a little short but I personally like horror games that aren't that long. Well done! 

If you want to check out a video I made on it: