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The game is really fun and has a lot of potential, kinda reminded me of undertail. Also it was presented really well and such a unique take on the theme. Nice job!

Try fullscreening it, that might work

Sorry about that, not sure whats happening then

I loved the graphics and music, I was vibin all the way through. Although, it didn't really feel like you had any control over what powerups you'd get, you kinda just rolled and jumped all the way, and it felt a bit easy, I beat the game in less than a minute. Although, really impressive that you could make that polished of a game in 48 hours. Nice job!

This was really well presented and SO CUTE! And so inivative! Love it!

thanks so much! :D

Thank you so much! I really apreciate it!

Thank you so much for this feedback! It's really helpful. Although, since it's for a game jam, I might not change it, but if I make a new game based around the idea, I'll definitely take your ideas into consideration! Glad you liked the game :]

Yup, still in the game, will be uploading a devlog soon hopefully! Thx for playing the game :]

thanks I really appreciate the feedback!

Yeah it's a little weird lol. However there is debt... so I guess it makes kinda sense???

If you roll an even number, you earn 20$ but if you roll an odd number, you loose 10$, and rolling a six earns 30$. You can use that money to upgrade your stuff to try and destroy the other tower before it destroys yours.

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Sorry about that, if you full screen, it might fix it

I managed to finish the game! This game is really satisfying and addictive. Although, I think some music in the background would add a lot to it. But I love the polish to rolling the dice. Really nice job!

thanks! I appreciate it man!

Thx! Yep, still in the game :D

I absolutely love the character art! Althought the gameplay is a bit lacking. However I know this is a 48 hour game jam so it makes sense that the gameplay is lacking lol. Nice job!

Yeah I don't like it either. It's something to do with Unity's canvas system. It's really annoying and I don't know how to fix it. But I'm glad you like the art. :]

If you full screen the game, that might fix the problem


If you full screen, that'll fix it

Yeah I guess it is a little easy. I was play testing it on my sister... (so let's blame it on her) just kidding. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it! :]

I know right!
This is it if you want to download it

The presentation and polish of the game was crisp! Really great job! Although, the rooms did get a little repetitive at times. But overall, really great and entertaining game!

Really job on this! The game is so well polished and overall just a blast to play!

The puzzles are very well designed! Also great way of thinking out of the box and letting the player control the dice instead of making it random. Great job!

thanks! :]

Thank you so much!

Just press the full screen button, that should do it.

Graphic and audio 5 star my dude! Amazing stuff :]

This game looks STUNNING! and the transitions just made my jaw drop, really nice stuff!

This game is genuis! Such a great idea, and surprisingly really fun! Nice job :]

The thing that stood out to me most in this game, is the audio! I just adore the music, it fits so well with the game, and I love the way it has an effect when it goes underwater, I also really like the ending, really unique! 

XD, I love this game so much! The animation in the beginning really settled this on my top list, also I love the little animations! :]

Although, I think that the game could be a little faster, perhaps a button to go to the next action would be good, so the player can go at their own pace. But besides that really nice cute game!

thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :]

thx! I completely agree, thx for the feedback! :]

Thank you so much for the feedback, really helps :]

Thank you :]

thank you so much! Really appreciate it!

I got up to wave 43 XD