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Good to know thank you.

I understand and don't worry i will.

Isure will im glad the progress your making is going well can't wait to play this. Also i will keep improvement ideas in mind if something comes up. Also any bugs i should know about?

Will there be an evolution feature where you can make the girls bigger in certain ways?

Awesome story with great mechanics.

Hey there in this game can the scienfically grown lab food make u have like superpowers or certain types of growth effects im just curious and can u get it to your lover? These are my questions before playing.

This the first game or the sequel? If so where can i find the first game.

Also do u of any mods that could make DDLC  have growth effects?

Thank you but where would i look for someone to make the  mod exactly?

Hey new here and i was wondering if there was a my hero academia dating sim novel thank you for making this. I hope we get one with all characters from the anime in this format.

This is just one major thing i wanted to throw out there and see if there's a way to implement the suggestion in game or at least be taken into consideration. My idea/suggestion was added secret Easter egg power ups/items that the player could use on the girls to either help them over there forced Monika demons or just for some random side plot fun if any.